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All Relaxation Scripts and Downloads

All the relaxation scripts and downloads are listed below in alphabetical order. Find a detailed list with descriptions here.

30-Second Quick Relaxation Access the download here.

Adults Recovering from Childhood Bullying

Affirmations for Self-Esteem

Anchoring Relaxation

Anxiety in the Stomach Relaxation Script

Autism Relaxation to Decrease Stimming

Autogenic Relaxation

Autogenics Access the download here.

Beach Visualization Access the download here.

Becoming More Playful

Beginner’s Breathing Meditation Access the download here.

Biofeedback Therapy

Body Image Relaxation Access the download here.

Body Scan

Body Scan Sleep Relaxation

Breathing Awareness

Breathing Relaxation for Children

Calm Stretching Relaxation

Calming Color Relaxation Access the download here.

Calming Down from Good News

Candle Visualization Relaxation Access the download here.

Coping with Flashbacks Relaxation

Counting Meditation

Creative Expression Relaxation Access the download here.

Cue Words Relaxation

Deal with Squeamishness

Dealing with Agoraphobia

Dealing with Chemotherapy

Dealing with Chronic Illness

Dealing with Food Sensitivities

Dealing with Grief

Dealing with Rejection or Failure

Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Decrease Fidgeting Relaxation Script


Easy Relaxation Techniques Demo Video

Emotional Awareness Relaxation

Finding Your Authentic Self

Floating on a Cloud Access the download here.

Forest Visualization

Generalized Anxiety Relaxation

Get Back to Sleep

Get Rid of Nightmares

Guided Imagery for Writing an Exam

Headache Relief

Healing Relaxation

Hot Springs Relaxation

Learn a Language Meditation

Learn an Instrument Meditation

Lucid Dreaming: Rewriting the End of a Nightmare

Marial Arts Competition Guided Imagery for Kickboxing or Muay Thai

Martial Arts Training Guided Imagery for Kickboxing or Muay Thai

Meditation for Acting

Morning Relaxation: Guided Energy Starter

Music Imagery (by Diana)

Music Relaxation Access the download here.

Overcoming Freeze Response

Overcoming Panic Attacks

Overcoming procrastination

Overcoming Shyness Access the download here.

Panic Attacks when Flying Relaxation Script

Passive Progressive Relaxation Access the download here.

Peaceful Meadow Access the download here.

Peaceful Place

Peaceful Waves Relaxation Access the download here.

Physical Awareness Relaxation for Blind People with Panic Disorder

Professional Distance and Empathy

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise Access the download here.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Keywords

Public Speaking Visualization

Quick and Easy Relaxation

Quick Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Quick Relaxation: Deep Breathing Access the download here.

Relax Under Pressure

Relaxation During Pregnancy

Relaxation for Asthma

Relaxation for Children Access the download here.

Relaxation for Coping with Panic

Relaxation for Homework Anxiety Using Relaxation Paint (by Diana with a Script by Patti Teel)

Relaxation for Pain Relief

Relaxation for Obsessive Thoughts

Relaxation for Positive Self-Image

Relaxation for Taking a Nap

Relaxation to Deal with Anger

Relaxation to Deal with Loneliness

Relaxation to Deal with Menstrual Pain

Relaxation to Decrease Jaw Clenching

Relaxation to Relieve Anxiety Access the download here.

Relaxation to Stop Being Afraid of the Dark

Relaxation to Stop Biting the Inside of the Mouth

Relaxation to Stop Flashbacks

Relaxation to Stop Blushing

Relaxing Walk

Self-Esteem Relaxation

Sensory Relaxation

Sleep Countdown Access the download here.

Sleep Relaxation Access the download here.

Spiritual Meditation

Starry Sky

Stop Guilt When Not Busy

Stretch and Relax Access the download here.

Summer Clouds Visualization

Timed Stim Breaks

Warm Autogenic Relaxation Script

Water Meditation: Trusting the People Who Do Medical Procedures (by Diana)

When Relaxation Causes Anxiety: Relaxation for Homework Anxiety Application (by Diana)

Wildlife Sanctuary

Yawn and Stretch Access the download here.

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