Just for fun to RELAX!

Have fun and relax with these games, cartoons, and other fun things.

But first.... some information about why leisure time is important for relaxation.

It is important to have fun to relax. So often, obligations take up much of a person's time. Work, housekeeping, duties, chores, errands, self-care , managing finances...all of these things can be important. But when we spend our time on only these types of things, stress can build.

Recreation and leisure are essential to good health, and must be deliberately put into one's schedule. That is not to say that all time must be scheduled without allowing for spontaneity, but rather, make it a priority to have fun and relax.

How long has it been since you have done something just for you? When is the last time you spent time doing a hobby? Ideally, every day needs to have at least a bit of time set aside for relaxation and enjoyment. Even if you only have a few minutes of time for yourself - a few minutes is better than nothing!

And now...enjoy these games! Have fun and relax!

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