Body Scan

Body scan is a method of relaxation where you mentally scan your body, noticing each area. As you do this relaxation exercise, concentrate on each group of muscles or part of the body and observe. Try to be as neutral and objective as possible. Just notice each area without trying to change anything.

Take a few deep breaths to allow your mind to clear. Just breathe slowly and calmly, taking your time with each breath.


Breathe at your own pace…allowing each breath to come as it may, without any conscious effort to change your breathing.

This will be an exercise of observing. You will do a body scan and observe each part of your body passively…just noticing, without the need to make any changes or to cause anything to occur. You can simply watch and take note of any changes that happen on their own without any effort on your part. Let’s begin the body scan.

Turn your attention to your toes. Focus on your toes, just noticing how your toes feel right now. Notice each toe.

Concentrate now on your right foot…just noticing your right foot without trying to change anything at all.

Now move your attention to your left foot…noticing how your left foot feels.

Observe both feet. How do your feet feel? Notice the temperature of your feet. Can you feel anything touching your feet? Clothing, the floor, the air? Notice how your feet feel inside. Heavy? Light? Loose? Tight? Make these passive observations…you are simply an observer…not providing any input at all.

Continue the body scan up to your ankles. Passively notice your ankles. Feel your ankles. Breathe.

Moving up now to your lower legs. Focus on your lower legs. Concentrate all of your attention simply on observing how your lower legs feel right now. Noticing. Observing. Completely passive…not trying to change anything.

Mentally scan your knees. Notice and observe each knee. Then take note of how your upper legs are feeling.

Notice your legs…taking note of any passive observations you become aware of. Just noticing…and then letting your attention move to the next area of the body.

Now notice your hips…

Your lower abdomen…

Moving up now all the way to the centre of your body, at the level of your belly button…scanning your body…just noticing how the core of your body feels. Mentally watch and observe…taking in the details of how your body is feeling. Do a passive scan without making any changes or trying to make anything happen.

Notice now your middle back. Observe how your back feels.

Scan your sides…chest…and upper back. Noticing. Observing.

Turn your attention now to your fingertips. How do the tips of your fingers feel?

Continue…thoroughly scanning your body to observe how each area is feeling. Take note of your hands…notice the palms of your hands, and the backs of your hands. Breathe.

Scan your wrists…lower arms…elbows….

Turn your attention to your upper arms…noticing…observing…taking in your observations of how your upper arms are feeling.

Notice your shoulders. Scanning the front…sides…back…and top of your shoulders.

Scan your arms as a whole…noticing passively…allowing…watching…completely free of effort or direction from you.

Continue all the way up to your neck. Notice and observe your neck…the front of your neck…each side…the back of your neck.

Moving your attention up now to your chin…lips…cheeks…

Observe your nose…eyes…forehead…the top of your head…your ears….

Keeping this attitude of passive observation, mentally scan your body now as a whole. Do a complete scan, at your own pace, from your feet to your head.

If you notice anything of interest, you may choose to allow your attention to linger there for a moment as you observe how your muscles and tissues are feeling. Go ahead now and do a complete body scan, mentally observing your entire body.


You are fully aware now of how your body is feeling, and you have completed a body scan. Notice how you are feeling now, mentally and physically, overall. Observe any changes that may have occurred, all on their own.


It is time to conclude this body scan exercise with a few energizing breaths. Allow yourself to become fully alert and energized with three deep breaths.

One…breathe in and out….

Two…take an energizing breath and then release the air…

Three…breathe in and out again…becoming fully alert, awake, and energetic.

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