Relaxation to Stop Biting the Inside of the Mouth

This relaxation script will help you to stop biting the inside of the mouth. This behavior is a common problem that can occur with boredom, stress, anxiety, or simply out of habit.

Get into a comfortable position where you can relax.

Close your eyes…and allow your attention to turn inward.

Take a deep breath, and let the breath out with a sigh…relaxing just a little as you breathe out.

Keep breathing at a comfortable pace…letting the air slowly move in and out of your body.

Focus on the inside of your eyelids. Imagine looking at the inside of your eyelids.

Is this surface completely dark, or does some light come through?

Imagine that the inside of your eyelids is like a screen, and imagine that projected on this screen is the number one. Picture the screen at a comfortable distance in front of you, so you can imagine seeing the number one clearly without straining your eyes.

Imagine this number one changing into number two. Allow your relaxation to deepen with each number you see…becoming more and more deeply relaxed.

Allow all thoughts to leave your mind…passively letting your mind empty and be filled with only the image on the screen before you, seeing the number two change to number three.

Focus all of your attention on the numbers, watching three change to four…becoming more and more deeply relaxed…

Four changing to five…five times as relaxed…

Now see number five changing to four…dropping down…down…down…into a state of deep relaxation…

From four to three…lower and lower the numbers and deeper relaxation with all of your focus and concentration and attention simply on the number on the screen as three becomes two…becomes one…becomes zero…

Drifting…relaxing…deeply relaxed…serene…calm…

Sometimes biting the inside of the mouth occurs because the surfaces on inside of the lips and cheeks do not feel smooth. The rough surfaces are caused by biting the inside of the mouth. Biting the inside of the mouth causes this problem rather than relieves it.

When you stop biting the inside of the mouth, the lips and cheeks will quickly become smooth again.

Let’s focus on relaxing the mouth area. Begin with your jaw. Gently close your mouth so your teeth are together with slight pressure. Feel this pressure…this tension…wanting to relieve the tension in your jaw. Hold for a moment…and now relax. Release the tension, allowing the jaw to drop into a relaxed position…loose and relaxed…with a slight space between your upper and lower teeth.

Your lips may be slightly parted…or barely touching. Allow your lips to relax…becoming soft…free from tension…letting go…

Relax your cheeks…allowing your cheeks to become heavy with relaxation.

Relax your tongue…allowing your tongue to rest gently in your mouth…floating…perhaps resting on the inside of your upper teeth…allow your tongue to soften and relax…giving up all tension…

Allow your entire mouth to relax…completely free from tension…

This wonderful feeling of relaxation and stillness is so pleasant…

Without any desire to move…so content to remain in this comfortable position of complete relaxation…so deeply relaxed and comfortable.

The slightest bit of tension whatsoever causes you to relax your jaw and tongue and mouth.

You know that biting the inside of the mouth is contrary to the smooth, comfortable inside of the mouth you want to maintain, and so you refuse to engage in biting the inside of the mouth, and instead you relax and be still.

It feels so good to relax. This wonderful feeling of relaxation removes any desire to engage in biting the inside of the mouth at all.

In fact, the touch of your teeth to your lips or cheeks causes you to release any tension in your jaw and refuse to do any biting the inside of the mouth.

Touching the inside of your lips or cheeks with your tongue or with your teeth causes you to relax your mouth.

You refuse to bite the inside of your mouth.

Instead of biting the inside of the mouth, you choose to chew gum, apply lip balm, hum or sing a song, or have a healthy snack.

Biting the inside of the mouth is undesirable to you.

Every time your teeth make contact with the inside of your mouth in any way, you are reminded that you can relax easily and you are reminded to use a different, healthy behavior instead.

You have healthy behaviors to choose from, such as using lip balm, chewing gum, humming or singing.

Every time your teeth touch the inside of your mouth you think of relaxation.

Thinking of relaxation causes you to relax. Whenever you think of relaxation you do relax twice as quickly and easily as the previous time.

Focus on the relaxation you are experiencing, and notice how you feel right now.

You can create this feeling of relaxation at will, simply by remembering what it feels like to be relaxed.

You are a relaxed person. You can relax any time you want to.

You relax easily, instantly and deeply when you think of relaxation.

Relaxation is wonderful…such a peaceful, pleasant feeling.

Enjoy the feeling of relaxation you are experiencing…simply resting and relaxing…


You have completed this relaxation to stop biting the inside of the mouth. Now it’s time to reawaken your mind and body.

I’ll count to three. Become more awake and alert with each number, and when you hear the number three you are completely alert, awake, and energetic, feeling calm.

One, two, three.

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