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Get tips and relaxation advice for coping with stress, dealing with anxiety, and learning relaxation techniques. Find the answers to frequently asked questions about stress management, anxiety, coping skills, and relaxation.

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Anxiety: Ask your anxiety question or post your anxiety tip here. Includes generalized anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders, anxiety symptoms, or general worrying.

What is the worst panic attack you have ever had? Share your experiences and read about others' panic attacks here.

Relaxation: Ask your relaxation question or post your relaxation tip here. Post requests for relaxation podcasts.

Stress: Ask your stress question or post your stress tip here.

Other Questions If you have a question that does not fit in the categories above, post it here. This forum is for general questions about coping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about relaxation, stress management, anxiety and more are listed here. Click on the question to read the answer.


Relaxation Forum: Find out what others have said about relaxation.

What is relaxation?

How can I relax?

I need more information on how to relax. What are the basic relaxation techniques?

What is occupational therapy? What does occupational therapy have to do with relaxation?

What are some of the different relaxation techniques I could try?

I need some specific examples of what to do for the different relaxation techniques.

I'm too busy to relax. What can I do?

What is biofeedback? How can it help me learn to relax?

How is relaxation different from simply unwinding?

What are the differences between visualization, guided imagery, and meditation?

What are some ways to help me relax at night so I can get a better sleep?

How can I make my own personalized relaxation scripts?

Is relaxation enough?

How can I make relaxation practical?

How can I use music for relaxation?

How can a relaxation journal help me learn to relax?


Stress Forum: Find out what others have said about stress.

What is stress?

How can I recognize stress and learn to control it?

What are the symptoms of stress?

How is stress caused? What are some of the causes of stress?

How can I prevent stress overload?

What are the differences between stress, fear and anxiety?


Anxiety Forum: Find out what others have said about anxiety.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

What are the causes of anxiety?

As a parent, isn't it my job to worry?

If you think "positive thinking" can control my anxiety, you obviously just don't understand.

I'm sure my symptoms have a physical cause. How can THAT be caused by anxiety?!

What are the differences between stress, fear and anxiety?

Sometimes relaxation can actually trigger anxiety. Why? How can I use relaxation if it triggers anxiety for me?

What are the steps for reviewing a relaxation script so I can become more comfortable with relaxation?

What is good for when you feel like you can't take a deep breath, have tightness in your chest, and feel lightheaded?

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I know that panic cannot harm me but when it happens I still get scared. I do not like the symptoms I get when I'm in a panic. What can I do to make it feel better?

Coping Skills, Sleep, Etc.

Coping Forum: Find out what others have said about these topics.

But I’m Supposed to Be Happy! Why Happy Life Events Can Cause Depression

How can I set goals and achieve them?

Will relaxation techniques help with sleep? How can I reset my circadian rhythms?

What are some ways to relax at night so I can get a better sleep?

How can I build healthy coping skills?

Earn an MA in Counseling and Help Community Members Cope with Stress
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