Relaxation to Stop Being Afraid of the Dark: Free Relaxation Script

This relaxation script is for children or adults who are afraid of the dark. It begins with visualization and calming phrases to bring comfort and relaxation, and ends with passive progressive muscle relaxation. Listen to this relaxation script before bed to fall asleep comfortably.

Many people of all ages are afraid of the dark… but there is nothing to fear about darkness.

If you need to turn on the light for a few seconds, do that now. Look around the room… see the things that are here. Now turn the lights out, and look around. See how everything looks different in the dark… but really it is all still the same.

Get into bed and get comfortable… settling in beneath the blankets. Close your eyes, and start to relax. You are safe right now.

It’s okay to be scared… but there is nothing to be afraid of. You don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore. Any time you start to feel afraid of the dark, just remember looking around the room a minute ago with the lights on, and then with the lights off. You know that everything looks different when it’s dark, but you are still in the same, safe place as before.

People feel afraid of the dark because they imagine scary things. When you imagine scary things, you feel scared.

You can feel less afraid of the dark by thinking about something else. Use your imagination to feel good instead of scared.

First, let’s focus on breathing. Think just about your breathing. Take a big breath in… and breathe out.

Take another breath in… and out.

Keep breathing slowly… and deeply… and feel yourself starting to relax. It feels good to breathe slowly and deeply.

Now, let’s focus on an imaginary place… a happy, safe, peaceful place.

Imagine a place where you are safe and happy. You might picture a castle, meadow, beach, mountain… imagine a nice place where you feel happy, calm, and relaxed.

Imagine all the details of this place… you feel so safe and relaxed in this nice place. Create a picture in your mind of being outdoors at your peaceful place. It is a bright, sunny day…. warm and pleasant.

Feel the sun shining down on you… so warm… so comforting. See the blue sky above, and the soft, white clouds drifting by.

It is so peaceful here… you feel so relaxed… so calm…

You can visit this place in your imagination any time you want to feel relaxed and safe.

I would like to repeat some phrases about feeling calm and safe in the dark. If you start to feel afraid, just imagine your happy, peaceful place again. Imagine this place whenever you need to while I talk.

There is nothing to fear in the dark. You don’t need to be afraid of the dark.

You are safe here.

Remember that the room you are in is just the same as it was when the light was on.

You can feel calm and happy in the dark.

Night time is the time to sleep… the darkness is nice because it helps you sleep so you can feel awake and rested in the morning.

Being in the dark is peaceful.

You can close your eyes and imagine being anywhere you want to be. See how easy it is to imagine when you’re in the dark… see how you can imagine happy things.

Notice that you are feeling less afraid of the dark than you were before. You are probably feeling quite relaxed because you know that there is nothing to worry about, and nothing to fear.

You were afraid of the dark before because you were imagining scary things. But now, you know how to use your imagination to think about happy things… peaceful places… pleasant thoughts.

It feels good to use your imagination like this, to think of happy things.

Whenever your mind plays tricks on you and you start thinking about scary things, and start feeling afraid of the dark, remember the peaceful place you imagined a few minutes ago. Remember how happy you felt as you imagined what it would be like to look up at the sky, with the sun shining down, and the clouds floating by.

See what a nice, happy picture your imagination can create? You have a wonderful imagination that you can use to picture all sorts of good and happy things.

Let’s just relax now… becoming sleepy…

Imagine a peaceful place. Allow yourself to feel completely comfortable and happy in this place in your imagination.

Your eyelids feel heavy… and it feels good to just close your eyes… resting… relaxing….

You are feeling very calm… sleepy… happy…


When your body becomes relaxed, you can feel the relaxation. You will know that a part of you is relaxed because it feels a little different… maybe a bit warmer… or heavier… or more loose… maybe a bit tingly.

Focus on your hands… letting your hands relax, until they feel a little different. You can feel that relaxation. You can tell when your hands are relaxed by this nice feeling. Just let your hands go limp… good. Now your hands are relaxed.

Concentrate on your arms now, up to your elbows. Feel the relaxation in your arms. When your lower arms feel a little different, and are relaxed, think about your upper arms, all the way to your shoulders. Feel your arms relaxing…. Your arms feel very relaxed. They are heavy and loose…. your hands and arms feel warm…. warm, heavy, and relaxed.

Think about your feet now. Relax your feet. Your feet feel warm and heavy… and your legs feel relaxed… as limp as spaghetti…. feel your legs relaxing. When you can feel the relaxation in your legs, move on to relax the rest of your body.

Let your tummy relax… it feels warm and comfortable.

Think about your back. Let your back relax all the way from the bottom of your back, up to your neck. Your back will feel a little different than it did before… a nice, relaxed feeling.

Think about your chest… letting this part of you relax.

Think about your face… and your head… soon your face and head will feel relaxed.

Now think about your whole body… all the way from your feet to your head. If you notice anywhere that is not relaxed, just think about this area… and feel it relaxing. Your whole body is relaxed. You feel so good and so comfortable.

Just rest now… relax… feeling so sleepy…

Imagine a safe and peaceful place in your imagination… imagine a quiet, happy land of dreams… waiting for you when you fall asleep… such happy dreams you will have…

You are very sleepy…

Very relaxed…

It feels so nice to relax… falling asleep…

So safe and pleasant…

So comfortable…



Drifting off…

Drifting off to sleep…

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