Quick Relaxation Scripts

These quick relaxation scripts provide strategies to relax quickly, any time and any place. You may find it helpful to memorize a few of these techniques so you have some fast, easy strategies on hand to help calm down when anxiety strikes. These relaxation exercises can also be effective for taking short relaxation breaks throughout the day to prevent muscle tension and reduce stress symptoms.

Relaxation is most effective if the techniques are practiced regularly – ideally several times each day. It can be challenging to fit time for relaxation into a busy schedule. These short relaxation exercises can help because they only take a few minutes (at most) and do not require any specialized equipment.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to relax. A few short stretches or some thoughtful, deep breaths can give you a physical and mental break from a busy or stressful day.

Take a few moments now to relax, wherever you are. Just a short break can make a significant difference. Experience improved mental clarity, headache relief, decreased muscle tension, lower blood pressure, and a sense of well-being. You won’t regret taking the time to relax! Find out more about the health benefits of relaxation here.

Quick Relaxation Scripts to Help You Relax NOW

Quick Relaxation: Yawn and Stretch This yawn and stretch relaxation script is a quick relaxation technique that you can do any time, anywhere to relax.

Quick Relaxation: Deep Breathing This deep breathing relaxation script explains why and how to use counting to slow your breathing.

30-Second Quick Relaxation This script for quick relaxation will describe how to relax even though you are busy. After a short intro, the relaxation takes only 30 seconds.

Quick Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script: Key Areas This is a quick progressive muscle relaxation script that will allow you to focus on key areas where stress can build up. Relax these areas as you go about your daily activities to prevent stress.

Breathing Awareness This breathing awareness relaxation script will guide you to focus on each stage of a breath as you breathe slowly and gently.

Quick and Easy Relaxation This quick and easy relaxation is a method that you can use every day, at any time, to decrease the tension in your body and counteract the effects of stress.

Relax Under Pressure
Learn to relax under pressure with this guided relaxation that will help you to remain calm, focused, and not nervous in a high pressure environment, such as a job interview, presentation, or test.

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