Becoming More Playful

This guided imagery script is for becoming more playful. It begins by guiding you to relax your mind, and then use visualization, meditation, and guided imagery to get in touch with your inner playfulness.

To begin, find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. You may want to place your hands in your lap or at your sides. Close your eyes if you wish, or focus your gaze on one spot.

Begin with your attention directed outward, noticing the sounds around you. Concentrate on all the things you can hear…


Gradually turn your attention inward now…turning your attention away from your surroundings…in toward yourself. Focus on your physical self…noticing how you are feeling…observing…


Focus even more intently now…focus on your breathing…observe your breaths, without trying to change anything…

Bring your attention deeply inward…all the way to the core of your body…notice how your stomach moves in and out with each breath you take. Feel the movement of the core of your body…ever so slightly moving with each breath you take…focus completely on your core…


Notice how smooth, calm, and regular your breathing is.

Allow the tension to leave your body…relaxing your muscles so that you can rest calmly…becoming relaxed…


Now that you are starting to become more relaxed, let’s focus on becoming more playful.

Everyone has the ability to be playful. Playfulness is a trait that we all have inside, but for many of us, playfulness has been pushed aside as we strive to be more serious.

The ability to be playful is important because it allows you to experience fun and joy. Becoming more playful also allows you to respond to challenges with humor and lightheartedness instead of always being serious or becoming defensive.

It is important to have a balance between being serious and being playful. You can use both of these qualities to handle situations effectively.

Becoming more playful is possible, whether you have never been very playful before, or if you used to be playful but have lost touch with this quality.

Think about a time when you were playful. Were you playful as a child? As an adolescent? As an adult? Maybe you cannot recall a time when you were playful. That’s okay. You still have a playful inner child that you can nurture.

Create a mental picture of yourself when you were playful, or think about positive memories of yourself as a child. Imagine your playful or childhood self, creating all the details you can in your mind.

What did you look like?

How did you behave?

What was it like to be playful?

See yourself as this playful child, imagining all the details.


Now use your imagination create a picture of ideal playfulness. Create an imaginary child who is very playful, and very joyful. You can picture this playful inner child however you want to see him or her in your mind. This playful child is happy and joyful, ideally playful, an ideal image of playfulness that would exist if there was nothing that could get in the way of being playful.


The child you are imagining has always been inside you…and still exists inside you right now.

You can get in touch with this child, and allow the child to express himself or herself.

Think about the things you have planned for tomorrow. Maybe you will be at home…at work…or somewhere else. Think about the places you will be, and the things you will do tomorrow.

Now imagine that instead of being serious all day tomorrow, you allowed your playful inner child to come out. Imagine becoming more playful. Imagine what this would be like…starting at the beginning of your day. Imagine yourself going about the routines and activities of the first part of your day with playfulness. Picture the way you would behave…the things you would do…how you would feel…imagine what it would be like to be playful.


Now imagine the middle of your day. Imagine becoming more playful. Think about the things you would be doing…and see yourself completing these activities while in touch with your playful self. How would you handle challenges? How would you respond to stress? What would you do differently from what you usually do? How would you feel?


Think about the later part of your day, and see yourself going about your day in a more playful way. Imagine how your day would go. Imagine becoming more playful.


What was it like to imagine yourself going about your day tomorrow in a more playful way?

How does it feel when you picture being playful?

Now let’s focus on affirmations for becoming more playful. Think about each affirmation, and if you want to, repeat each phrase in your mind. Imagine that each phrase is true for you in this moment. Let’s begin.

I am a playful person.

It’s okay to be playful.

I can be serious at times, and playful at times.

I am playful.

I behave in a playful way.

I am playful when confronted or when dealing with stress.

Now that you have completed the affirmations, return again to your visualization of your playful inner self. Imagine the things that you have held yourself back from doing that your playful self would do…the things you will do when you allow yourself to be more playful. Think about the playful things you would like to do.


Imagine now your present self…and imagine this person being fully in touch with your inner playful self. Imagine becoming more playful. Think about a situation that is difficult or stressful, perhaps a time when you are confronted by someone else. Imagine how you will handle this situation in a playful way…non-defensive…not needing to be completely serious…

Imagine how the scenario would go if you respond in a playful way.


Now take a few moments to just relax…simply absorbing the ideas you have been focusing on…seeing yourself in a new light…as a playful person…


Now you are finished this relaxation exercise. Gradually re-awaken your mind and body by turning your attention from inward to outward…start by focusing on your breathing. Notice each breath…feel your breaths moving in and out of your body. Now focus on how you are feeling…just scanning your body and noticing how your body feels. Turn your attention to the environment outside of yourself…feeling your clothing against your body…hearing the sounds around you…becoming aware of the room you are in.

Open your eyes and sit quietly for a few moments, becoming more aware of your surroundings.

When you are completely awake and alert you can return to your usual activities, taking your playful inner self with you.

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