Writing an Exam Guided Imagery Script

This guided imagery script will allow you to visualize the process of studying for and writing an exam. Visualizing success will promote increased confidence, concentration, and memory. Relaxation can also improve the ability to learn by eliminating some of the anxiety that interferes with taking in new information. Regular practice with this script can help you overcome test anxiety.

Test and exam anxiety can be problematic for students.  Worrying and stress interfere with studying and make it difficult to do your best on a project, test or quiz. Some people get so nervous that they get sick before exams. Exam anxiety can make it really challenging to getting good grades. This guided imagery exercise will help.

Guided Imagery Exercise for Writing an Exam

Begin by becoming very relaxed. Make yourself comfortable, finding a relaxed position in an environment free of distractions.

Start to relax your body, taking a deep breath in…. and out.

Breathe in again…. and exhale fully.

Breathe in…. and out.

In…. out.

Keep breathing, letting each breath relax you.

Notice some key areas in your body where tension tends to build. Your shoulders, hands, back, neck, and jaws. Focus first on your shoulders. See how your shoulders relax as soon as your attention is focused on them. Feel the muscles loosening, and your shoulders lowering… relaxing.

Let your jaws relax, letting your lower jaw drop slightly, leaving a space between your upper and lower teeth. Feel the muscles of your face becoming smooth, loose, and relaxed.

Turn your attention to your neck. See how you can let the tension go, relaxing the muscles of your neck. Let the relaxation continue down the length of your spine, relaxing all the muscles. Feel the relaxation in your neck and back.

Now focus on your hands. Open and close your hands a few times, wiggle your fingers, and then relax. Let your hands be limp and loose, resting in your lap or at your sides.

Scan your body now for any other areas that are tense. For each one, imagine directing your breath to that area. Imagine breathing in relaxation…. and breathing out tension. Breathing in a feeling of relaxation, and exhaling all the tension. Feel your muscles relaxing with each breath.

Continue to scan your body, relaxing each area that feels tense.


Now you are feeling calm and relaxed. Your whole body feels relaxed and heavy.

Begin to visualize now the process of preparation for writing an exam. The first stage is motivation. Imagine how it would feel to be filled with motivation and drive, feeling compelled to study and write a test.

Fully imagine this feeling, and allow yourself to experience it completely. Feel motivation.


You are so eager to write an exam.

Imagine now the preparation leading up to writing a test. Picture yourself studying… interested, motivated, eager. Enjoying the process of assimilating new information. You are confident and capable. See yourself studying, remembering the material, and feeling energized by this process.

See yourself studying several times, reading, writing, speaking… reviewing the information you need and committing it to memory.


Now see yourself in your mind’s eye… you have studied and are prepared for the exam. You are feeling a bit excited to write a test and share your knowledge…. but at the same time you are feeling calm and confident about the prospects of writing a test.

Imagine yourself during the examination. See how easy it is to recall the information you studied. Picture yourself confidently writing an exam, easily drawing upon your knowledge, answering every question, and knowing you have it right.

Some of the questions are easy, and you answer them quickly. Some questions are difficult, requiring intense thought. You were expecting this, and you are prepared. Imagine yourself as you write an exam, taking a moment to breathe deeply, slowly, calmly…. feeling your body relax and allowing your mind to become calm. In this state of calm, you are able to focus… and you answer the difficult questions thoughtfully. You experience mental clarity and concentration.

Take a few moments now to imagine the process of writing a test, feeling calm and confident, and seeing yourself answering questions successfully.


Picture now, that you have finished the exam. See yourself feeling confident and gratified, though you have not yet recieved the results. You are feeling proud of yourself for your accomplishments of studying and writing an exam. You feel calm and confident while you wait for the exam results. You may find out soon how you did, or may have to wait.

Imagine getting the exam results. Feeling confident and excited…. and seeing the results: you passed! You receive an excellent grade, exactly what you were hoping for. This feeling of success and accomplishment is so wonderful, you want to write another exam just to experience it all again.

Enjoy the feelings of success.


Take a moment to reflect upon the process of writing an exam – motivation, preparation, writing the exam, and finding out the results. Reflect upon this process feeling calm and interested.


Now you have completed this visualization experience…. feeling mentally prepared for the process of preparing for and writing an exam. You may even find that completing this guided imagery exercise helps you to feel motivated. You may find that immediately after this session, you pursue one of the steps for writing an exam… perhaps you feel inclined to prepare and study…. or maybe to write the exam itself. You can anticipate success in whatever stage you are at. You are calm, confident, and in control.

Begin to wake up your mind and body…. returning your awareness to the present.

Wiggle your fingers, feeling your hands and arms reawakening.

Wake up your feet and legs by wiggling your toes.

Shrug your shoulders… turn your head from side to side…. feel your body waking up.

When you are feeling awake and alert, you can return to your usual activities, feeling energized, motivated, and confident.


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