Relaxation During Pregnancy Script

Relaxation during pregnancy is safe and effective for reducing stress, feeling calm, and increasing physical and mental comfort. Use relaxation techniques to get rid of nausea, headaches, and minor pain without taking medications.

The best position for this exercise is seated in a supportive chair, with head and back support, in a slightly reclined position. A couch or reclining chair can work well for this exercise.

This relaxation during pregnancy exercise uses progressive muscle relaxation and meditation. You can use relaxation during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby to feel calm, comfortable, and relaxed.

To begin the relaxation during pregnancy exercise, find a comfortable position. Sitting in a semi-reclined position (sitting but leaned back) in a comfortable chair is best.

Focus your gaze on one spot in the room. Look at this one spot as you begin to relax.

Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, allow your body to begin to relax.

Breathe in…and out…


Breathe slowly and naturally. Allow a bit of tension to be released with each breath…so that with every breath you take, you relax more and more deeply.

Raise your shoulders toward your ears. Then, let your shoulders relax…dropping into a comfortable, loose position, and feel yourself sinking into the surface you are on.

Allow your jaw to drop slightly, letting the muscles of your face and jaw become loose and relaxed.

Wiggle your toes once or twice and feel your feet and legs relaxing.

Gently open and close your hands once…and again…and then relax your hands and arms.

Take a deep breath in, feeling the tension in your chest and stomach as you hold that breath…

And allow your chest and stomach to relax as the breath escapes slowly.

Allow the muscles of your back to relax…from your neck…to your upper back…middle back…lower back…feeling your whole body relaxing.

Notice any areas of tension in your body, and relax those areas now.

Your body will continue to relax…deeper and deeper…loose…heavy…relaxed.


Focus on your eyelids. You may notice a feeling of heaviness in your eyelids…and that’s okay…just think about your eyelids and allow your eyelids to become relaxed.

Blink your eyes slowly…closing your eyes…and then opening your eyes…closing…and opening…slower…slower…with each blink of your eyelids your eyelids become even more relaxed…heavy with relaxation…so heavy it is hard to even open your eyes…

Think about how good it would feel to close your eyes…just a little bit longer…gently allowing your eyes to close…it feels so good to close your eyes…so deeply relaxed…


You can safely use relaxation during pregnancy to feel calm and relaxed, and to learn the skill of relaxation. With practice, you can relax quickly, any time you want to. Relaxation during pregnancy is an excellent way to promote health and wellbeing, and to feel calm.

Let’s proceed with this relaxation during pregnancy.

Notice now how your body is feeling.

Where is your body the most tense? Allow the muscles here to relax and let go of their hold…becoming loose and comfortable…releasing tension…becoming smooth and relaxed.

Where is your body the most relaxed? What does the relaxation feel like? Allow this relaxed area to grow…spreading to relax more and more of your body…let the relaxation become bigger…growing more relaxed…


Direct a feeling of relaxation to the core of your body. Allow your body to be filled with relaxation and peace. Focus on increasing the relaxation and comfort…directing this relaxation to you and the baby.

Feel the peace…calm…and relaxation…a feeling of serenity shared by you and the baby…as both of you rest comfortably and relax…feeling so calm and peaceful…completely serene…


While keeping this feeling of relaxation and calm…so completely relaxed…think about the upcoming birth of the baby. This will be a calm, happy time.

You can be completely relaxed and comfortable when it is time for the baby to be born. Let’s practice relaxing right now, so when the time comes it will be so easy for you to be completely numb and relaxed and calm.

Begin with your stomach and pelvic area. As you breathe in, imagine directing your breath to this area. When you exhale, allow all tension to be released.

Relax more and more deeply with each breath.

Focus on your back…relaxing the muscles of your back all the way from the top of your neck…all the way down…down…relaxing to the bottom of your spine…relax all the muscles of your back…feeling so comfortable…

Now imagine a feeling of numbness…so comfortable…completely numbing and relaxing your lower body…allow your body to relax completely…all the way from the bottom of your ribcage down to the tips of your toes.

This numbness may feel warm…or may feel cool…it might feel tingly…light or heavy…it may feel like nothing at all…but this numbness is a wonderful feeling of relaxation…erasing any discomfort and leaving only relaxation.

Notice how your body feels different now…completely absent of feeling except for comfort and relaxation.


You can direct this feeling of numbness wherever you like. You can relax your forehead and scalp…so completely relaxed…cool…comfortable…

You can relax your body inside and out…

You are completely in control of your relaxation and can relax whenever you want to.

It is so easy to relax…to quickly and deeply relax and feel peaceful and calm.

Scan your body right now, for any sensations of tension or discomfort. Notice that you can change the feeling of discomfort…perhaps to a feeling of warmth…or heaviness…or gentle pressure…or coolness…or numbness…perhaps simply to a feeling of relaxation.

Feel the sensations in your body changing…becoming relaxed…comfortable…

If you find any areas that need to relax, focus on one location at a time. Imagine directing your breath to this area. Imagine that when you breathe in, the relaxation flows to the area you want to relax. As you exhale, feel the tension leaving with your breath.

Breathe in relaxation…and breathe out tension…

Breathe in relaxation…and exhale tension…

Keep breathing like this…becoming more relaxed and comfortable with each breath.


Now, you can relax even more deeply as you focus the mind to meditate on a calming word. You can use the word, “serenity.”

Every time you breathe out, mentally say, “serenity.”

Concentrate all of your attention on the word, “serenity.”

When thoughts arise, let them pass as you re-focus on the word, “serenity.”

Keep repeating “serenity” every time you breathe out.


Focus again on the word, “serenity.”


Keep focusing on the word, “serenity,” finding that the longer you focus, the more relaxed you become.

Keep repeating the word “serenity” each time you exhale, focusing completely on the word “serenity.”


Good. Now you can just relax…allow your mind to drift…enjoy the relaxation during pregnancy as I talk.

Hearing the word “serenity” causes you to relax.

Every time you think the word, “serenity,” you do relax, instantly and deeply.

Thinking about the birth of the baby causes you to relax, instantly and deeply.

Thinking about the baby causes you to feel completely relaxed, comfortable, and confident.


Now you have completed the relaxation during pregnancy exercise. You can use this relaxation during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby to feel calm and relaxed. Relaxation during pregnancy can help you feel calm and serene.

Now it is time to reawaken your body and mind. When you are ready, start to move your muscles a little, feeling each muscle reawaken.

Wiggle your fingers and toes. Open your hands…then close them…and open them once again. Roll your shoulders forward…and back…feeling your muscles reawakening.

Lean your left ear toward your left shoulder…return to center…and move your right ear toward your right shoulder…then return to neutral.

Stretch a bit, feeling the energy flowing through your body.

Take a deep breath, reaching your arms up above your head as you inhale, and lowering your arms out to the sides and down as you exhale.

Take one more deep breath in, feeling fully alert and awake as you exhale. Return to your usual activities feeling calm and refreshed.

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