Relaxation for pain management: Free Relaxation Script

Relaxation of any type is effective for pain management. People who do relaxation exercises are better able to tolerate pain, AND they actually feel less pain. In other words, relaxation exercises can take at least some of your pain away, and make the pain you do have a little easier to tolerate.

In this pain management relaxation script, I’ll guide you to focus on observing and accepting, and then transforming your pain, then focus the mind in meditation to provide physical and mental relaxation and pain relief.

Find a comfortable position, making sure that your back is supported. Laying down, or sitting in a firm chair with head support are ideal.

As you settle into a comfortable position, just notice how you are feeling in this moment. Without trying to change anything, observe your body and mind. Pain management begins with observation.

Where is most of your tension stored?

Where is your pain located?

What part of your body is most relaxed?

Take a deep breath in…. now exhale.

Breathe in…. and out.

Continue to breathe slowly, smoothly.

Now continue the pain management relaxation with a passive attitude of observing. Do not try to make anything happen. Notice how your whole body feels. Passively observe, not trying to change anything. Simply take note of how your body feels.

Take a few moments now to think about the pain you experience. You may not be in pain right now. Just observe the state of your pain in this moment. The way your body feels is always changing. The way you feel is different from moment to moment. A moment from now, you will feel slightly different from the way you feel right now. Just observe. Observe as each moment passes.

Although pain is unwanted and difficult to tolerate, try for the next few moments to regard your pain with acceptance. Accept the way you are feeling right now physically and emotionally….. whether positive or negative….. allow your body and mind to just be….

Accepting….. observing…..

You may want to repeat some pain management affirmations with me now.

I accept myself….

I accept this pain I experience….. the whole of it…. I accept it…. letting go of the need to control or to change in this moment…..

I accept the pain…..

I release myself from the need to do anything right now, except just be…..

I accept myself…..

Now that you have repeated some affirmations, just relax for a few moments, and let go. Just be…..

There is nothing you need to be doing in this moment, besides accepting this moment just as it is.

Observe again your pain…. and notice, that you can alter the pain slightly. See if you are able to transform the feeling, just a little…..

Picture the pain…. notice its exact location. Imagine that instead of pain, this area feels cool….. even a bit cold…. as if you have applied a comfortable ice pack to this area. Feel the coolness.

The area might even start to feel a little less cold…. closer to the way the rest of your body feels….

Now focus in on this area, and imagine a slightly different feeling of your choice. You may wish to imagine the sensation of pleasant tingling… warmth… or soft but firm, comfortable pressure.

Imagine this sensation now. Imagine the sensation replacing just a tiny bit of the pain….. and a tiny bit more of the pain…… more and more…..

Feel this new sensation growing….. pleasantly…. providing some relief….. allowing you to relax…..

Take a deep breath in….. and out…..

in….. and out…..

in….. out…..

Continue to breathe slowly and rhythmically as you now meditate to calm your mind.

You can choose any phrase you want to focus upon for the meditation portion of this pain management relaxation. This will be your focus word. I’ll use the word “peaceful” here. Focus your attention on this word with each breath. Every time your thoughts drift, focus in again on this word. Don’t worry about making anything happen, or doing this meditation a certain way. Whatever happens is right for you at this moment.

Keep an attitude of passive acceptance. Just accept the state you are in, and continue to focus your mind on the word you will be repeating.

Breathe in….. peace

Breathe out…. full

In…. peace

Out… full





Continue to repeat this word in your mind, focusing your attention on this word whenever your thoughts wander.

Keep repeating your focus word….


When your thoughts drift, focus your attention again on your focus word.



Focus your mind again on your focus word.

As thoughts enter your mind, as they will, just turn your attention back to your focus word.





Take note of how your body feels, now. See how relaxed your muscles are. Notice how calm your mind is. Enjoy this feeling of relaxation for a few moments more…..

You can keep this feeling of relaxation with you as you return to your regular activities. Complete the pain management relaxation now… Memorize this peaceful, relaxed feeling, so you can return to this state whenever you need to.

Slowly reawaken your body now. Take a deep breath in…. and out. Feel your mind and body becoming more awake and alert.

Move your arms and legs, and stretch your muscles to let them reawaken from this pain management relaxation.

Sit for a moment now with your eyes open, observing the room around you. When you are ready, return to your usual activities, keeping with you a sense of calm and relief.

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