Wildlife Sanctuary: Visualization Relaxation Script

This wildlife sanctuary relaxation script is a visualization exercise that guides you to imagine relaxing in a nature sanctuary.

Get ready to relax your body and your mind. Settle into a comfortable position, and begin to turn your attention inward.

Notice how you are feeling right now… mentally…. physically. Without trying to change anything, simply take note of how your body feels…. and notice how you are feeling mentally.

Mentally scan your body now, looking for areas of tension. Where is your body the most tense?

Notice now where your body is most relaxed. See that these areas of relaxation are slowly getting larger….

Now turn your awareness to your breathing. Simply notice your breathing, without making any effort to change your breathing in any way.

Imagine breathing in relaxation…. and breathing out tension.

Feel yourself becoming more relaxed with each breath.

Focus in on areas of tension in your body, and imagine directing your breath to these areas. Feel the breath in drawing in relaxation…. and as you exhale, imagine the tension draining away from each area of tension. Allow your breathing to relax your body.

Feel your body and mind becoming relaxed…. calm…. peaceful.

Deeply relaxed and calm.

Imagine that you are walking along a path… entering a wildlife sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is a preserved nature area… maybe in the wilderness, or perhaps in the middle of a city.

The path is paved… just wide enough for walking. Enter the wildlife sanctuary, walking along the path. Wild grass grows beside the path, and there are trees on both sides.

Birds are singing off in the distance.

It is a beautiful, sunny day. The air is pleasant and warm, a slight breeze making it even more comfortable. Feel the sun shining down on you… warming and relaxing your body.

Take a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air. Breathe out, feeling invigorated.

Take another deep breath in…. and out…

Continue to breathe the fresh, clean air.

The path curves up ahead, continuing deeper into the beautiful wildlife sanctuary.

As you continue along the path, you admire the scene around you. Small trees grow near the path, their bark smooth and light colored… small round leaves twisting gently in the breeze.

Further back from the path, larger trees grow. There is a variety of trees.

Wildflowers grow in the grass right next to the path.

As you round a curve in the path, you can see up ahead a clearing…. it is a pond, or a small lake.

You can see up ahead that the path continues next to the water.

As you walk toward the water, the sun shines down, birds sing, a breeze blows… it is so peaceful here. Such a beautiful day. You feel very content.

Continue to walk toward the pond, seeing the reeds growing among the grass near the water. As you approach the pond, you can hear even more birds singing. Getting closer to the water, you see the reeds getting thicker toward the water’s edge, and continuing around the shallow edges of the pool. The deeper water toward the center is smooth.

See the ducks swimming…. leaving small wakes behind them… the water flowing out in a V shape as the birds slowly swim through the water.

As you continue along the path, you walk beside the pond, enjoying the sights and sounds of this wildlife sanctuary.

Up ahead, the paved trail connects with a wooden path, like a dock, that extends over the water and to a bird watching blind. This would be a wonderful place to sit.

Imagine yourself continuing along the paved trail, approaching the wooden path.

You can see more birds now, black birds with red wings darting in and out of the reeds. Geese. Loons. Sparrows. Chickadees.

A muskrat swims among the reeds, then dives under the water.

You are almost to the wooden path now. Step onto this path if you wish, walking above the reeds and the mud at the sides of the pond…. now over reeds and water. The blind is located right in the middle of the reeds, but above them, so you are directly among the birds.

The blind has wooden sides, with openings that you can look through, and inside this structure there are comfortable benches where you can relax. The sides go slightly higher than the top of your head, and the top of the blind is open to the sky.

Imagine sitting on a bench, and closing your eyes for a moment to simply enjoy the sun and the peaceful sounds of the wildlife around you.


Look around now, at the beautiful scenery around you. The wildlife sanctuary is such a calm, serene treed area with this lake in the middle. Imagine peering through the window of the blind…. Look out over the water, admiring it’s stillness… reflecting the blue sky and a few small white clouds. Across the water, in the distance are more trees… and beyond that, a grassy, green hill.

This scene makes a perfect picture, with water, trees, hills, and sky….

Imagine looking out another opening in the blind, looking a different direction. Look out across the reeds…. along the edge of the pond. See as a deer emerges from the trees to drink from the pond, delicately stepping through the reeds to water. See the water dripping from its muzzle as the deer raises its head. The deer turns and disappears back into the trees.

Another muskrat swims by.

A colorful duck flies overhead, and spreads its wings to descend and land in the water. Water sprays and splashes out to the sides of the duck as its feet skim the surface, before finally lowering its body, folding its wings, and swimming. Another duck follows, landing in the water to swim alongside the first one.

A small bird lands right on the top edge of the blind, and looks at you, chirping pleasantly. The bird stays for a few moments before flying off.

Relax in this peaceful wildlife sanctuary. You may want to imagine laying back and closing your eyes, or continuing to look around. Imagine spending time however you wish, here in this peaceful place.


You are so relaxed and calm.

At peace…. content.

Relax for a few moments longer in this wildlife sanctuary.

You are feeling calm and relaxed, and you can return to this state whenever you need to in order to feel calm and at peace.

Keep with you this feeling of relaxation while you slowly return your awareness to the present.

Keeping your eyes closed for a few moments longer, notice the surface you are on. Notice the feeling of your clothing against your skin.

Turn your attention to the sounds of your environment around you.

Feel your mind and body reawaken as your awareness of your surroundings increases.

Open your eyes, looking around you at your surroundings. Become fully aware of the environment around you.

When you have returned to your usual level of alertness, you can return to your day, feeling awake, calm, and relaxed.

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