Anxiety Relief Scripts for Relaxation

Anxiety relief scripts are specifically targeted at reducing anxiety in the moment by calming the mind and body. The relaxation scripts here address general anxiety that we all experience from time to time, in addition to anxiety disorders, phobias, panic attacks, or situations that can cause anxiety. Learn to decrease anxiety, manage anxiety symptoms, and cope with panic attacks. Some of the anxiety relief scripts focus on specific situations, such as public speaking anxiety, while other anxiety relief scripts target the symptoms of anxiety.

Learn to manage your anxiety symptoms in the moment and gradually build the skills for long term anxiety relief by regularly practicing these relaxation techniques.

General Anxiety Relief

Relaxation to Relieve Anxiety
This relaxation session will help you to relieve anxiety quickly and easily. Relaxation is a natural anxiety cure that will allow you to gain control over some of your body’s automatic responses. These easy relaxation techniques can be used any time, any place, to relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

Generalized Anxiety Relaxation
This generalized anxiety relaxation script help you to feel generally calmer, more relaxed, and better able to withstand stress.

Dealing with Panic Attacks

Relaxation for Coping with Panic
This relaxation for coping with panic script can help you to manage the symptoms experienced during a panic attack, and return to a state of calm.

Overcoming Panic Attacks
Panic attack symptoms can be frightening. Overcome panic attacks by listening to calming affirmations and reassurance. Use this guided relaxation for dealing with panic attacks in the moment.

Targeted Anxiety Symptom Relief

Relaxation for Obsessive Thoughts
This relaxation for obsessive thoughts can help with obsessive compulsive disorder and other anxiety disorders that involve worrying, obsessions, compulsions, or rumination.

Anxiety in the Stomach Relaxation Script
This relaxation script focuses on relieving the symptoms of anxiety in the stomach such as nausea, butterflies, pain, tightness, digestive problems, and a general feeling of unease.

Decrease Fidgeting
This relaxation script will help you to decrease fidgeting with your hands. This exercise will allow you to reduce anxiety to create a feeling of calm and be still, even when faced with stress.

Deal with Squeamishness
Squeamishness is a feeling of discomfort, disgust, and anxiety. This guided imagery script will help you in your mind to face phobias or anxiety-provoking situations and deal with squeamishness.

Overcoming Freeze Response
Freeze is a common response to fear, especially in life-threatening situations that are difficult to escape. This relaxation script uses grounding techniques to help you decrease panic symptoms.

Coping with Flashbacks
This relaxation script is for coping with flashbacks. It can be used in the moment to help you to get through the experience and to help re-focus your mind on peaceful images. This script can also be used when you are feeling calm (and not experiencing any negative images) to help you relax and to memorize positive thoughts and images to use when needed.

Relaxation to Stop Flashbacks
This story is about using relaxation as a way to cope with being in the presence of a reminder of a traumatic event. Use this visualization to stop flashbacks when reminded of a tramatic event.

Timed Stim Breaks
This timed stim breaks script will guide you to use stimming for three minutes, then do other behaviors for three minutes. You can use this exercise for “stim breaks” you can schedule through the day.

Autism Relaxation to Decrease Stimming
This autism relaxation script is for helping to decrease stimming. Stims are repetitive behaviors that stimulate the senses, and are used to regulate one’s level of sensory arousal.

Relaxation for Asthma
This relaxation for asthma script will help to calm breathing, reduce muscle tension in the chest and throat, and get though an asthma attack. This relaxation script is also effective for anxiety symptoms that cause breathing difficulty.

Relaxation to Decrease Jaw Clenching
TMJ, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and tension can all lead to clenching jaws or jaw pain that interferes with sleep and with everyday life. This relaxation script will help to decrease clenching of the jaw by guiding you to release the muscles that lead to jaw tension, and will guide you to fall asleep free from tension.

Relaxation to Stop Blushing
Blushing is a redness of the cheeks and face that can be caused by anxiety, stress, nervousness, exercise, or embarrassment. This relaxation script will help to stop blushing now and in the future.

Physical Awareness Relaxation for Blind People with Panic Disorder
A physical awareness relaxation script specifically for blind people with panic disorder. This physical awareness relaxation is to help you become more aware of how your body is feeling in order to become more comfortable and familiar with the feeling of relaxation.

Reducing Anxiety in Specific Situations

Relaxation for Homework Anxiety Using Relaxation Paint – by Diana
This relaxation for overcoming homework anxiety, written by Diana, uses the example of homework when learning a language, specifically when learning how a language works.

When Relaxation Causes Anxiety: Relaxation for Homework Anxiety Application
Written by Diana, with a script by Patti Teel. If you find that relaxation causes anxiety, this script can help you learn to become calm, relaxed, and comfortable with relaxation techniques.

Relaxation to Stop Being Afraid of the Dark
This relaxation script is for children or adults who are afraid of the dark. It begins with visualization and calming phrases to bring comfort and relaxation, and ends with passive progressive muscle relaxation.

Panic Attacks when Flying Relaxation Script
Air travel can be stressful. Most people experience at least some anxiety in airports or on planes, but for some, flying causes panic attacks. This relaxation is for panic attacks when flying.

Relax Under Pressure
Learn to relax under pressure with this guided relaxation that will help you to remain calm, focused, and not nervous in a high pressure environment, such as a job interview, presentation, or test.

Relaxation for Depersonalization
Depersonalization is the experience of feeling disconnected from your environment or body. This relaxation script will help to you to become calm, connected, and fully present.

Guided Imagery for Writing an Exam
This guided imagery script will allow you to visualize the process of studying for and writing an exam. Visualizing success will promote increased confidence, concentration, and memory. Relaxation can also improve the ability to learn by eliminating some of the anxiety that interferes with taking in new information.

Public Speaking Visualization
This public speaking visualization is a guided imagery script uses visualization to allow you to imagine yourself calmly and successfully speaking in public.

Water Meditation: Trusting the People Who Do Medical Procedures
Written by Diana. This story is an imagination journey about a main character who helps you relax and overcome fear of medical procedures. Specifically this story is about the fear of needles.

Dealing with Agoraphobia
A two-part script for systematically dealing with and eliminating anxiety associated with leaving the home or going outside of locations that feel safe.

If you would like to hear anxiety relief scripts like these, listen to anxiety relief downloads here.

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