Creative Expression Relaxation: Free Relaxation Script

Read this creative expression relaxation script to record your own guided relaxation or learn to use creative activity to relax. This script guides you to use drawing to calm the mind.

You will create two abstract drawings, one on each side of a piece of blank paper. This script uses guided drawing, but you can relax to many different unguided creative activities as well. Any creative process that you can lose yourself in can be very calming.

Creative expression for relaxation can encompass many forms: artwork, drawing, painting, sculpting, music, dance… any way that you express yourself creatively.

Start reading the creative expression relaxation script here: Begin by placing a blank sheet of paper and a box of colored pencils on a clean tabletop. Play music that you find relaxing, calming, or energizing. The type of music you select is up to you.

Sit down at the table. Place your hands, palms down, on the table top. Close your eyes, and take a deep breath in…. and now exhale slowly, releasing the tension in your body.

Picture the tension in your body and the stressful thoughts in your mind. If this stress were a color, what color might it be?

Open your eyes, and select the color, or colors, of your stress from the box of colored pencils.

Allow the creative expression relaxation to begin as you place the tip of the pencil anywhere on the paper, and begin to move your hand and arm. Scribble out the tension. Scribble away the stress. It doesn’t matter what the scribble looks like. Allow the lines and shapes you are drawing to represent your stress and tension.

Feel the movement of your arm releasing the stress and tension onto the paper. Feel the tension in your body moving down your upper arm, lower arm, wrist, and hand… through your fingers, and into the pencil. The stress and tension in your day are held inside the pencil, and as the pencil contacts the paper, the tension, stress, and worries are left behind on the page.

Keep moving the pencil across the page. You may choose to change colors, or use more than one pencil at the same time. You may want to draw with both hands. Keep moving. Keep filling the paper with marks, shapes and lines.

Feel the tension draining from your body and out onto the paper.

Continue this exercise until you feel like some of the tension has left your body, or until what you see on the paper to represent your stress is complete.

When you are finished drawing your stress, turn over the paper. Now imagine that on the top of your head is a string, holding you gently upright. Imagine the string tightening, lengthening your spine until your back is straight. Feel your shoulders lowering slightly as the muscles in your neck and back become smooth and relaxed. Keep your posture upright and straight, but not rigid. Maintain the natural curves in your spine.

Breathe in again, drawing in a deep, relaxing breath….

Breathe out tension….

Breathe in relaxation….

And breathe out tension….

Allow each part of your body to relax. Picture the feeling of relaxation rising from your feet, all the way to your head. Allow your feet to relax. Feel your legs becoming warm and heavy. Relax your hips, stomach, back, and chest. Relax your arms and shoulders. Relax your neck. Relax your face and head.

Breathe in relaxation….

breathe out tension…..

Breathe in, I am calm….

Exhale, I am relaxed….

I am calm….

I am relaxed….

Picture this feeling of calm and relaxation in your mind. If this tranquility were a color, what color might it be?

Select the color or colors that represent this serenity.

Allow the pencil you have chosen to contact the paper. Feel the creative expression of relaxation flowing throughout your body. Begin to move the pencil in a gentle, calm rhythm. Use the movement of drawing, and the feel of drawing to express the relaxation.

As the relaxation flows across the page, notice that your mind is becoming tranquil and relaxed. Focus on the movement of your body. Notice the tip of the pencil moving along the paper smoothly. See the calm markings left on the page. Feel the creative expression relaxation flowing through your body and your mind.

Allow yourself to be totally focused on, and absorbed in the creative process. Create a picture of the expression of relaxation. Feel the relaxation as you see the relaxation developing on the page.

Feel tension flowing out through the pencil, and relaxation flowing in with each movement of the pencil on paper. As your drawing grows, the feeling of relaxation increases.

Enjoy your creativity. Enjoy your creative expression relaxation.

Allow your creative expression and relaxation to flow.

Draw or scribble freely. Allow your body to move calmly, unrestricted, as you experience the relaxation of creativity. Free yourself from expectations about the work you are creating. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. Appreciate the process. Experience creativity. Allow your creative expression relaxation and revitalization.

Breathe in relaxation…

Breathe out tension…

Breathe in relaxation…

Draw away tension…

Draw in relaxation…

Draw out relaxation…

Draw in relaxation…

Draw relaxation…

Draw relaxation…

Continue to draw for as long as you wish. Enjoy the feeling of creative expression and relaxation.

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