Too Busy to Relax?

Do you find it difficult to make relaxation a regular part of your day?

This page is all about how to fit relaxation in when you are too busy to relax. Make relaxation a regular part of your day, even with the busiest of schedules.

Here’s how:

Start small

Do a one-minute relaxation technique, such as calm breathing. Try it now! Check out the written instructions on the relaxation response page, and try the guided audio at the relaxation downloads page.

Short and Quick

Practice short, quick relaxation techniques throughout the day.

Make a New Habit

Make relaxation a new habit. Think about what sort of habit would fit well with your schedule and your preferences. Some possibilities to consider:

– Listen to relaxation scripts just before bed. When you have nothing else to do, besides sleep, it can be easier to be still for the duration of a relaxation exercise. The main benefit: practicing relaxation just before bed can help you unwind and prepare for sleep.

– Take a class so you have a regularly scheduled relaxation activity (for example: yoga, painting, music lesson, or tai chi).

– Try doing a relaxation activity (progressive muscle relaxation or yoga, for instance) first thing in the morning to help calm and energize you.

– consider other times of day that might work for you: lunch time, coffee time, right after work…. whatever might suit your preferences.

Go to the relaxation response page for some quick ways to induce the relaxation response. These fast relaxation techniques work great when you feel too busy to relax.

Try out the quick relaxation downloads for more practice.

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