Overcoming Shyness: Free Relaxation Script

This relaxation script is for overcoming shyness. Use guided imagery, affirmations, and visualization to foster a sense of self-confidence and help decrease social anxiety.

Start by getting comfortable. For the moment, keep your eyes open and your gaze fixed on one spot in the room. Find a position seated or lying down, and rest your arms at your sides.

Take a deep breath in…. and exhale slowly.

Breathe in again…. and out.

In…. out.

In…. out.

Keep breathing slowly, smoothly.

Allow your body to begin to relax. The first thing you might notice is that your muscles begin to let go of some of the tension they were holding. Feel your shoulders easing downward, relaxing and giving up all the tension. Your arms are feeling heavy… getting heavier…. and heavier… and they pull downward gently, moving your shoulders even lower, into a loose, relaxed position.

As you relax, you may notice your eyelids starting to feel heavy. Very heavy…. each blink becoming slow…. moving the heaviness of your eyelids… until opening your eyes becomes an effort. It would feel so good to close your eyes…. go ahead and relax, allowing your eyes to close.

Notice the rest of your body relaxing. Your legs are very heavy…. so heavy and limp. Allow the muscles of your neck and back to relax. Let your hands and your feet relax. Relax your head and face.

Focus your attention for a moment on the center of your body. Let a feeling of relaxation grow, feeling the relaxation in your chest and stomach. Each breath you take can relax you even more… filling your lungs with relaxation.

Sit quietly for a moment, relaxing… letting the relaxation deepen as you breathe slowly and smoothly.


Start to create an image in your mind. Imagine yourself feeling confident, interacting with others positively. What would it be like if you were very confident? Imagine how you would behave…. how you would carry yourself. See in your mind your confident facial expression…. your self-assured posture….

How would this confident you behave? Imagine yourself if you were completely confident and did not feel shy. See yourself feeling calm and confident.

Now focus for a moment on relaxation. Turn your attention to your breathing, and feel yourself becoming more relaxed with each breath.

Take a calming breath in… and breathe slowly out…

Breathe in… and out.

Feel yourself relaxing more with each breath as you keep breathing slowly and calmly.

Turn your attention now to a situation where you would need to interact with others. See your confident self in this situation… feeling good.

Imagine all the details… see yourself talking to others. Notice your slow, steady heart rate. See how steady your hands are and how smooth your voice is. See yourself smiling, calm, speaking out loud to individuals or groups…. It feels good to imagine yourself handling all kinds of social situations positively.


Now change the visualization slightly, to imagine the shyness itself. Picture what it is like to be shy. What does shyness mean to you? Perhaps shyness means a difficulty speaking to others. Maybe it is a feeling of embarrassment in public, or a tendency to be quiet around people. Think of what it means to you to be shy.


You can overcome shyness. The most effective way for overcoming shyness is to challenge the shyness by facing head on the situations that are the most difficult. Picture your most difficult situation… the one where you experience the most shyness. You can practice facing this situation in your imagination, and then you can face this situation in real life. You will be able to handle the situation positively, with confidence, and overcome shyness.

Walk yourself through the situation now in your mind. Picture as many details as you can…. and see yourself handling the challenge, facing directly the situation in which you feel the most shy. Picture the confident self you were imagining a few moments ago, and see yourself facing a situation where you felt shy in the past. See yourself overcoming shyness.

It’s okay if you feel nervous… this feeling of nervousness will go away as soon as you see how capable you are. You are stronger and more capable of overcoming shyness than you may realize. Take a few moments now to mentally face the situation where you experience the most shyness.


Imagine your future self…. a self who is not shy. See that this exact same person is present already, within you. You have a confident, positive self within you, just waiting to come to the surface. Imagine how good it will feel overcoming shyness and being filled with a feeling of confidence.

Simply relax… feeling confident. Knowing you will achieve self-assurance, and the ability to interact with others and feel great. Overcoming shyness is possible. You are capable of overcoming shyness. Experience these feelings of self-assurance and calm right now.


Foster this feeling of confidence… and allow it to grow… enjoying how it feels to be relaxed and confident.


Take a few moments to hold with you a picture of self-assurance that you can recall in the future. Memorize this feeling of calm relaxation and confidence.

You can remember this feeling again in the future…. any time you need to face a situation where you experience shyness, you can recall this feeling of confidence and relaxation, and experience this feeling again. Holding this self-assurance, you can get through challenging situations. You can use this confidence in overcoming shyness.

You may even find that soon, maybe today, maybe tomorrow… you will feel motivated to face a situation that is challenging for you. Most likely, you will want to seek out other people, and talk with them…. and you might even find that you feel confident, calm, not shy at all. It feels good overcoming shyness. It feels good to face situations that are challenging.


To conclude this overcoming shyness relaxation session, you may want to drift off to sleep, or you might decide to reawaken and resume your usual activities.

If you choose to sleep, simply let the relaxation deepen until you drift off into pleasant sleep.

If you decide to reawaken, move your arms and legs a little, feeling your muscles waking up. Let your attention return to the present, and your mind and body return to their usual level of alertness and wakefulness.

I’ll count back from 3 to 1, and upon reaching 1 you will either become fully awake or drift off to sleep, keeping with you a feeling of calm and self-assurance.




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