Anxiety symptoms

Coping with anxiety symptoms is possible. It is important to understand the emotional, cognitive, and physical symptoms of anxiety as a starting point.

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Some common physical symptoms of anxiety include:

– dry mouth

– sweating

– shaking

– neck pain

– stomach upset

– digestive problems

– changes in appetite

– numbness of hands

– dizziness

– blurred vision, tunnel vision, or seeing black spots

– chest pain

– breathlessness or shortness of breath

– feeling of inability to catch one’s breath

– hyperventilation

– clenching jaw or fists

– nausea and vomiting

– restlessness, difficulty sitting still

– insomnia, problems falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep

Cognitive symptoms of anxiety (cognitive = thinking) may include:

– difficulty concentrating

– problems thinking clearly

– distractibility

– mental fatigue

– memory problems

– decreased problem-solving ability

– negative thinking

There are also several emotional symptoms of anxiety, such as:

– irritability

– anger

– fear

– suspicion

– embarrassment

– fear of having a heart attack

– feeling that you are dying

– feeling of impending doom

For more information about the symptoms of anxiety, see the page: Anxiety Symptoms Do Have Physical Causes.

You have probably experienced some of these symptoms at one time or another. But what causes these symptoms?

Why do we experience anxiety?

Does anxiety have any purpose?

And most importantly…how can anxiety be treated?

Read the following pages for answers to these questions:

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Page 5 – Anxiety Treatment

If you think “positive thinking” can control my anxiety, you obviously just don’t understand.

I’m sure my symptoms have a physical cause. How can THAT be caused by anxiety?!

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