Symptoms of Anxiety Do Have Physical Causes


Symptoms of anxiety? I’m sure my symptoms have a physical cause. How can THAT be caused by anxiety?!


If tests reveal no physical ailment to cause the symptoms you are experiencing, and doctors tell you that these signs are caused by anxiety, this does not mean that there is no physical cause.

Your symptoms do have a physical cause.

In the body, anxiety is a physical reaction that has very real physical effects.

Anxiety symptoms are very real, and do have physical origins.

One of the functions of our sympathetic nervous system is to keep us alive if there is danger that we must fight off or escape from. You have probably heard of the “fight-or-flight” response – this is exactly the response that the sympathetic nervous system brings on.Any time the sympathetic nervous system is activated, we experience feelings of anxiety (and get symptoms of panic and anxiety). Imagine the way you feel right before competing in a sporting event: heart racing, maybe you’re a bit shaky, you feel excited. Excitement is one form of anxiety.

If we can physically run from danger, run a race, compete in a sport, etc, the body performs optimally because of the sympathetic nervous system.

Although anxiety can cause all of these symptoms, remember that these symptoms can have other causes, too. Make sure to see a medical professional for a complete checkup if you do experience these symptoms to rule out medical causes before assuming that anxiety is the cause.

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Symptoms of Anxiety and the Reasons We Experience Them

Here are some anxiety symptoms and the reasons we experience them:

Anxiety Symptom Cause
Numbness in the extremities hyperventilation, diversion of blood flow
Memory problems survival mode, dissociation
Concentration problems survival mode, dissociation
Racing heart stress hormones
Chest pain racing heart, tight muscles, rapid breathing, fear, muscle fatigue
Black spots in vision hyperventilation, increased blood pressure
Blurred vision hyperventilation, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils
Emotional detachment survival mode, dissociation
Trembling, shaking tensed muscles, muscle fatigue from tension
Sweating cooling the body in preparation for exertion
Blushing increased blood pressure, fear
Tight chest hyperventilation, muscle tension
Pounding head increased blood pressure
Headache increased blood pressure, muscle tension, clenched jaw
Neck pain muscle tension
Back pain. muscle tension
Muscle cramping muscle tension, muscle fatigue
Face pain muscle tension, clenched jaw
Numbness in the extremities hyperventilation, diversion of blood flow
Stomach pain shut down digestion
Nausea shut down digestion, stress hormones
Dry mouth shut down digestion
Diarrhea stress hormones, irritation of digestive tract
Problems with blood sugar Decreased insulin production
Cholesterol problems Changes in metabolism
Metabolic problems Changes in metabolism
Other pain tensed muscles, stress hormones, digestion changes
Other illness. immune system suppression

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