How to Use a Relaxation Journal

Describes how to use a relaxation journal to track symptoms of anxiety and stress, and monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of relaxation techniques.

You can download this relaxation journal for free by clicking here. It has two pages – the first describes how to use this document, with instructions and examples. The second page is to be copied for your use.

A relaxation or stress journal will allow you to monitor your physical and emotional symptoms and of stress or anxiety, and evaluate the effectiveness of the relaxation techniques you try.

The process of using the journal includes the following steps:

1. Describe the stressful situation and circle the rating for your current stress level.

2. List the physical and emotional symptoms of you are experiencing.

3. Do a relaxation or coping technique.

4. After practicing the technique, write down what you did and rate your current stress level. Describe the result of the relaxation or coping activity.

5. Compare journal entries over time to use the journal to determine which relaxation techniques are most effective for you, what times of day tend to be the most stressful, and which time of day relaxation works the best. You can also see your progress by noticing changes in your overall stress level.

To try out this journal, go here, and download the free PDF document. Print off as many copies as you wish and use it to monitor and enhance the effectiveness of relaxation techniques.

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