Calm Stretching Relaxation

This calm stretching relaxation will guide you to relax with a brief stretching routine. Listen to your body throughout this exercise. None of the stretches should cause pain. If you experience discomfort, stop or ease up.

Begin by finding a seated position. You may wish to sit on the floor or in a firm chair.

Take a deep breath in…hold…and breathe out.

Breathe in…hold…and out.


Keep breathing slowly and deeply throughout this calm stretching relaxation.
With your knees bent slightly, place your hands on your thighs. Breathe in. As you exhale, lean forward, reaching your hands to your knees. Pause here as you breathe slowly, allowing a feeling of relaxation to begin. Hold this gentle stretch.

Breathe in…now exhale and lean forward further, reaching your hands to your lower legs. Remember to keep breathing. Reach your hands as far as you can comfortably stretch – all the way to your feet if you are able. Hold the stretch, breathing calmly. Feel the tension leaving your body as you stretch.

Slowly lean back toward neutral, moving your hands to your knees. Pause here. Breathe in…and out. Continue to breathe calmly as you return to an upright seated position.

Reach your arms out to the sides, straight out from the shoulder. Breathe in. Now turn your upper body as you exhale, looking to the right. Your left arm will point forward and your right arm will point to the back. Breathe in as you return to center. Keep your arms out at shoulder height. Pause here as you exhale. Take another breath in, and as you breathe out, turn to face to the left, pointing your right arm forward and your left arm back. Inhale as you return to center. Exhale, lowering your arms to your sides.

Relax here for a moment. Enjoy this calm stretching relaxation.

Lower your head forward, bringing your chin toward your chest. Simply let the weight of your head create the stretch, with no force or effort from you. Just relax, letting your head hang forward comfortably. Remember to continue breathing.

Now look up, leaning your head back. Look toward the sky.

Return to neutral, facing forward.

Turn your head now to the left…back to center…and to the right…return to center.
Lower your left ear toward your left shoulder…return to center…and lower your right ear toward your right shoulder…return to center.

Inhale as you bring your shoulders up toward your ears….and exhale as you let them drop back to neutral. Repeat, inhale…raising your shoulders. Exhale, lowering your shoulders.

Inhale…reach forward…stretch your arms forward as you exhale. Breathe in, reaching up above your head. Lower your arms as you breathe out.

Raise your arms above your head again as you breathe in…and lower them as you breathe out.

Relax for a moment in a neutral position, breathing calmly and deeply.

Now tuck your knees into your chest, reaching your arms around your legs. Sit like this for a moment, hugging your knees.

Place your hands at your sides. Breathe in. Now stretch your legs out to the front, pointing your toes, as you breathe out.

Now relax into a comfortable, neutral position.

Feel the relaxation in your body…feeling calm and relaxed…heavy…loose and relaxed.


Take a few moments now to mentally scan your body, noticing any areas that remain tense. You can use calm stretching relaxation to relax any remaining areas of tension.

Choose one area, and stretch, lengthening the muscles. Relax as you finish the stretch and return to neutral. Choose one more area that needs to relax. Stretch…and relax, returning to neutral.

Simply sit quietly now for a moment, noticing the feeling of relaxation you are experiencing. Feel the relaxation flowing through your body. Just relax.


Now that you have completed this calm stretching relaxation, you can return to your day feeling calm. Take a moment to reorient yourself to your surroundings. Breathe in…and out…reawakening. Keep breathing calmly. When you are feeling alert, you can return to your usual activities, keeping with you a calm and relaxed feeling.

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