Learning a Language Meditation Script

This meditation script will help with learning a language by guiding you to relax and improve your concentration.

Start by getting comfortable, and setting aside a few minutes when you can relax undisturbed.

Choose a position seated or lying down, and start to relax your body. Sit quietly, noticing how your body feels.

Find one area in your body that is the most tense. Focus on this area, observing the tension there. As you breathe, imagine that you are breathing in relaxation, and breathing out tension. Direct the breath to the area of tension, directing relaxation into this area, and breathing tension out of the area. Breathe in relaxation… and breathe out tension. Breathe in relaxation, and breathe out tension. Keep breathing, feeling this area you are focusing on relaxing more and more with each breath.

Scan your body now for further areas of tension. For each spot of tension that you find, direct your breathing to that area, imagining that relaxation is drawn into the area, and breathing tension out.


Turn your attention inward now… inside your imagination. Now that you are starting to relax, you can use this time to calm your mind in preparation for learning a language. As you relax, mental clarity increases. Memory improves. Notice your concentration and attention increasing. Your abilities are optimal for learning.

Imagine feeling calm and confident, eager to learn. Feel the joy you experience at succeeding in learning a language.

Allow words and phrases to flow through your mind… the familiar elements of this language you are mastering. Learning a language feels so easy…. so natural. You feel competent, skilled, relaxed.

Learning a language is fun and enjoyable. Imagine yourself learning eagerly, remembering easily, confidently learning and speaking the language you have chosen.

The words are like music… you love to hear them, listen to them…. remember them.

Imagine learning a language, mastering a new language, hearing and feeling the language flowing. Committing words, phrases, ideas to memory. Calmly and comfortably speaking, understanding.


Take a few moments now to meditate upon the language you are learning. You might want to choose a phrase in your language of choice. Something brief but meaningful that you can repeat.

Choose a phrase, and repeat it silently in your mind. Each time you breathe in, repeat your phrase. Each time you breathe out, repeat the phrase. Allow all other thoughts to simply pass through your mind, without dwelling upon them.


Every time your thoughts wander, simply return to focusing on the phrase you have chosen.


It is normal for thoughts to wander… just focus again on the phrase you are repeating.


Feeling deeply relaxed, calm, and confident.

Keep repeating your chosen phrase.


Now you can just sit quietly for a moment, letting your thoughts drift, allowing your mind to wander. Enjoy the relaxation and mental clarity you are experiencing.


Imagine yourself when you are finished this meditation. Imagine being filled with a feeling of eagerness, excitement… ready to learn. See yourself doing something to practice the language you are learning, or doing an activity to help with learning a language. Perhaps you will listen to the spoken language… or take a few minutes to practice speaking it yourself. Maybe you will do some homework or courses related to learning a language. Picture something you can do right after you finish this meditation, something that will bring you closer to mastery of this new language.


When you are ready to finish this meditation, give yourself a few moments to reawaken your mind and body.

Take a deep breath in, and feel your body reawaken as you exhale.

As you inhale, reach up, stretching your arms, and return your arms to your sides as you exhale.

Keep breathing, awakening more and more with each breath.

Sit for a moment with your eyes open, reorienting yourself to your surroundings.

When you have returned to your usual level of alertness and are fully awake, you can return to your day, feeling calm, clear, and relaxed.

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