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Sleep relaxation audio can help you drift off to sleep if you are experiencing insomnia, stress, difficulty staying asleep, waking up too early, or if you are just having trouble falling asleep. These soft, gentle guided relaxation audios talk you through the process of falling asleep quickly, easily, and deeply.

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Please Note:

Use relaxation audio and videos wisely. Do not watch or listen to relaxation materials while you need to be fully awake and alert (for example, when driving) because this can be dangerous. Please use relaxation sessions only when safe to do so.

Sleep MP3 downloads and videos to help you become sleepy and relaxed. You won't be able to stay awake when you listen to these downloads. They can be played directly in your internet browser for your convenience.

Audio may be played below for free. Sleep relaxation audio downloads may also be purchased for $3 each and downloaded to your computer by clicking "add to cart." If you want to add additional relaxation MP3s to your cart, click the "x" to close the shopping cart and return to this page. Select "add to cart" for the additional title(s) you want to purchase. When you are ready to check out, select "view cart" and press "checkout" to proceed.

To view all of the relaxation audio MP3's that you can download to your computer, visit the Relaxation MP3 Downloads Store page.

Sleep Relaxation Audio MP3s and Videos

Sleep Relaxation

This relaxation audio guides you to calm your mind and drift into healthy, deep sleep.

$3 - MP3 Download - With Background Music - Site Intro Removed

Sleep Countdown

$3 - MP3 Download - With Background Music - Site Intro Removed

Guided sleep countdown relaxation script that will help you fall asleep. Focusing the mind allows you to decrease the thoughts that can interfere with falling asleep, and teach you how to allow thoughts to pass rather than dwelling on them and remaining alert.

Body Scan and Sleep Relaxation

$3 - MP3 Download - With Background Music - Site Intro Removed

This body scan sleep relaxation uses a variety of relaxation techniques to help calm the mind and body and drift off to sleep.

Hot Springs Sleep Relaxation

$3 - MP3 Download - With Background Music - Site Intro Removed

This hot springs relaxation will guide you to imagine relaxing outdoors in a natural hot water spring in the mountains, followed by gently drifting off to sleep.

Get Back to Sleep Relaxation

$3 - MP3 Download - With Background Music - Site Intro Removed

This relaxation script will help you to calm your thoughts and return your body to a sleepy, restful state. The relaxation music will continue after the spoken script finishes, so you can drift off using this natural sleep aid. 

Get Rid of Nightmares

$3 - MP3 Download - With Background Music - Site Intro Removed

This relaxation script uses guided imagery and visualization to help return your mind to a peaceful, restful state free of fear after experiencing a nightmare. 

Relaxation for Taking a Nap

$3 - MP3 Download - With Background Music - Site Intro Removed

This relaxation is for calming the mind and falling asleep for a short sleep or for taking a nap. It can help you to get restful sleep when you will not be sleeping for very long. 

Here are a few quick tips for using sleep relaxation audio. First, choose a quiet, dark environment and get comfortable. Ensure that you will not be interrupted; you may want to turn off cell phones and devices, wear earplugs, and turn off the TV.

Select the relaxation audio of your choice, and set the volume as low as possible - loud enough for you to hear, but quiet so that it will soothe and lull you to sleep. It is usually best to just play one audio track at a time, without setting up an automatic playlist. This can prevent a new track starting while you are asleep (just to make sure the start of a new track doesn't wake you up).

If you are still awake after listening to the audio, go ahead and play it again. You will most likely fall asleep before the first one is finished, but if needed, you can repeat the exercise as many times as you like.

If you have concerns about how to get to sleep and are experiencing insomnia, these sleep tips and strategies may help.

Get more sleep relaxation downloads like these from the Relaxation MP3 Downloads Store.

Read the written sleep relaxation scripts here.

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