Get Back to Sleep: Free Relaxation Script

Getting back to sleep can be difficult, especially for those who experience insomnia. Relaxation is how to sleep after waking up by relaxing your mind and body again. This relaxation script will help you to calm your thoughts and return your body to a sleepy, restful state. The relaxation music will continue after the spoken script finishes, so you can drift off using this natural sleep aid.

Lie down, and get comfortable, adjusting your position as needed so you can fall asleep. You will get back to sleep once your mind and body relax…. and even if all you do is relax without sleeping, you will be rested and refreshed afterward.

Breathe deeply in…. and slowly out….

Breathe in…. and slowly breathe out….

Take slow, calm breaths.

Feel your breathing relax you. There is nothing you need to do right now, besides breathe calmly. Just drift… relaxing. Feel yourself becoming sleepy…. ever so slowly getting sleepier.


See how slowly you can release the next breath you take. Breathe in deeply…. and now breathe out slowly… very slowly…. prolonging this breath out…. relaxing…. When you finish breathing out, breathe in naturally… and then breathe out again slowly.

Just keep breathing now, letting each breath occur naturally, without effort, at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Feel your breathing becoming calm… slow…. easy.


Allow your body to relax. Feel your shoulders relaxing, the muscles releasing their hold. Your legs are still…. and they are starting to feel heavy. Your feet are very warm…. feel the warmth spreading as your legs become warmer as well.

Your arms are getting heavier. Feel yourself sinking into the surface you are lying on. Sinking deeper…. deeper….. your whole body is feeling very heavy.

Feel the warmth in your hands, growing warmer and warmer…. spreading up to your arms. Your hands and arms are very heavy.

Blink your eyes a few times, if you want to. Notice that your eyelids are feeling heavy. They are getting heavier and heavier, and it feels so good to close your eyes…. to rest your eyes… allowing your eyes to remain closed…. relaxed. Notice a feeling of coolness in your forehead. Calm, cool, and relaxed. Smooth, free from tension.

Imagine that the tension in your body is flowing out through your fingers and your toes. Draining away…. with each breath you can feel the tension leaving right out your finger tips and right out your toes. Feel the tension leaving your body, draining away.


Let you mind drift now for a moment, just relaxing. Not needing to focus, or think…. just drifting, as the tension continues to drain away and your body relaxes.


You can actually feel the tension as it flows to your hands and feet, and away. Leaving only a feeling of relaxation. Notice this feeling that is left after the tension is gone. A soft, warm, relaxed feeling.

Your body is so heavy and relaxed. Sinking down…. down…. deeper and deeper. Back to sleep. (pause)

Now focus your mind for a moment, as you count each breath. Breathe in…. 1….. out….. 1….. in…. 2….. out…. 2…..




Keep counting now on your own, focusing just on the numbers as I talk. Allow these words to pass through your mind, without needing to focus on any of them. Just concentrating on the numbers. If you lose count, begin again at 1. Just keep counting, focusing only on the numbers.

Your body is so relaxed. So heavy. Back to sleep.

Thoughts drifting…. but turning back to the numbers, with effort…. because you are so tired.

Feeling very sleepy…. hard to focus….. your mind is drifting away…. drifting back to sleep….. falling asleep….

Bringing your consciousness back to the counting, focusing on the numbers…. all other thoughts just drifting away…. pleasantly drifting.

Your mind… thoughts…. relaxed…. sleepy…. away… back to sleep….

Counting again, counting with each breath…. relaxation growing with each number

Sleepy and calm

Not able to focus any longer… the numbers are blending together…. losing count…. too sleepy to count

Start counting again at 1, counting with each breath… 2…. 3…. 4…. 5…..

Keep counting, deeply relaxed. Drifting deeper….. hardly able to focus….

May focus on the numbers…. or the words…. sleepy….

It’s okay to just relax now… no need to count… or to focus…. just allowing the sleep to overtake you.

Letting your mind drift off…. drifting…. drifting back to sleep

It feels so good to surrender to the heaviness of sleep….

Imagine a beautiful place in your mind. A place of peace and serenity…. so serene… so calm…. a place that makes you happy. A place that is safe… quiet….

Your body is like a feather now, floating down gently toward this peaceful land of sleep. Feel your body drifting back and forth, down and down, fluttering through the air softly. Will soon be coming to rest in this peaceful place. Softly resting, sinking… a peaceful, pleasant place. So sleepy… drifting down…. down….

Sinking down into sleep… back to sleep… so deeply asleep and heavy….

Pleasant… calm….. dreaming…

Coming to rest on a soft surface… softly sinking into comfort and sleep.

There are no more words you need to focus on… just calm music.

Enjoy the relaxation now… and allow yourself to drift off into pleasant, deep sleep.

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