Quick Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script: Key Areas

This is a quick progressive muscle relaxation script that will allow you to focus on key areas where stress can build up. By relaxing these areas as you go about your daily activities, some of the symptoms of stress may be prevented.

Tense and relax each area I mention. When you tense the area, do not cause any pain. Tighten only until you feel tension. If you feel any discomfort, stop or ease up.

The first key area is your neck and shoulders.

Raise your shoulders up toward your ears… tighten the muscles there…. hold….. feel the tension there….. and now release. Let your shoulders drop to a lower, more comfortable position.

The next key area is your hands.

Tighten your hands into fists. Very, very tight… as if you are squeezing a rubber ball very tightly in each hand…. hold… feel the tension in your hands and forearms….. and now release. Shake your hands gently, shaking out the tension. Feel how much more relaxed your hands are now.

Now, your forehead.

Raise your eyebrows, feeling the tight muscles in your forehead. Hold that tension. Now tightly lower your eyebrows and scrunch your eyes closed, feeling the tension in your forehead and eyes. Hold it tightly. And now, relax…. let your forehead be relaxed and smooth, your eyelids gently resting.

Your jaw is the next key area.

Tightly close your mouth, clamping your jaw shut, very tightly. Your lips will also be tight and tense across the front of your teeth. Feel the tension in your jaws. Hold…. and now relax. Release all of the tension. Let your mouth and jaw be loose and relaxed.

There is only one more key area to relax, and that is your breathing.

Breathe in deeply, and hold that breath. Feel the tension as you hold the air in. Hold…. and now relax. Let the air be released through your mouth. Breathe out all the air.

Once more, breathe in….. and how hold the breath. Hold….. and relax. Release the air, feeling your entire body relax.

Breathe in…. and out…..

In…. and out….

Continue to breathe regular breaths.

You have relaxed all of the key areas where tension can build up. Remember to relax these areas a few times each day, using this quick progressive muscle relaxation script, to prevent stress symptoms.

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