Relaxation by Inner Health Studio Podcast

The Relaxation by Inner Health Studio podcast provides guided relaxation to calm the mind and relax the body. Relaxation techniques include visualization, autogenics, creative expression relaxation, passive progressive muscle relaxation, and more.

Use the relaxation audio and video podcasts to enhance sleep, reduce stress, and promote physical and mental wellbeing. Inner Health Studio specializes in coping skills and relaxation resources. Improve your inner health with these relaxation techniques.

Several of the relaxation audio and videos featured on past episodes of this podcast are available at on the relaxation downloads page.

Live Feed of Relaxation by Inner Health Studio Audio Podcasts

These relaxation audio files you can play for free from your web browser:

Not sure where to find the download you are looking for? You can search this site or see a complete list of relaxation scripts on the site map.

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