Anxiety Treatment

Treating anxiety is possible. For successful anxiety treatment it is important to use a variety of techniques and find out which ones are effective for you. No single technique will work for everyone.

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My number one recommendation for anxiety treatment is the book, When Panic Attacks: The New, Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life

. Find out more about this book at Amazon. If you read this book and try out the techniques, I'm confident you will find something that works and your anxiety will certainly decrease, and probably disappear entirely.

Here is a quote from a reply to a message on the Inner Health Studio Forums:

Often the healing process does take time. With stress and anxiety, healing is not something that you do once and then are finished. Usually symptoms are recurrent; they go away for a while and then come up again.

Common anxiety symptoms (such as racing heart, shaking hands, and muscle tension) are symptoms that all of us deal with from time to time, and must manage again and again. For many people, anxiety symptoms become very intense (i.e. panic) and have a significant impact on day to day life. Panic symptoms can be even more challenging to deal with, and they can also reoccur, but treatment (and relapse prevention) can be very effective in reducing or eliminating panic symptoms.

The key in managing anxiety is to know how to relieve the symptoms. Whether it ranges from worry to panic, there are techniques that will help to relieve the anxiety. Once an effective method is found, that method will always work for you. This does not mean that you will never experience anxiety again - it means that when you do experience anxiety, you know what to do about it.

I think very highly of David Burns' methods for treating anxiety. His book, When Panic Attacks, describes how to do various techniques for defeating anxiety, including how to prevent relapse. No single technique will work for everyone, so it is important to try a variety of techniques until you find the one that works for you. Then, when anxiety occurs again (it will), you know what technique to use to defeat it.

If you would like more information about cognitive behavioral therapy, or ideas for changing self-talk, please Ask Inner Health Studio. Your questions may be featured on the Relaxation Advice page or Ask Inner Health Studio Podcast.

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If you think "positive thinking" can control my anxiety, you obviously just don't understand.

I'm sure my symptoms have a physical cause. How can THAT be caused by anxiety?!

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