Is Relaxation Enough?

In recovery from physical illness, mental illness, stress overload, panic attacks, and anxiety, is relaxation enough? A look at the role of relaxation in the context of wellness and stress management.

During recovery, problematic symptoms can sometimes persist, and be very difficult to overcome. Most people who are recovering from an illness, stress overload, or panic attacks find that relaxation is very helpful in promoting healing and feeling more calm. Relaxation also helps to reverse some of the symptoms that accompany the problem or illness, such as muscle tension, pain, digestive problems, concentration difficulty, and memory lapses.

Is relaxation enough? Although relaxation has all of these positive effects, sometimes relaxation is not sufficient to completely eradicate symptoms. There may be a few symptoms that recur or persist.

When it comes to dealing with symptoms of anxiety, stress or illness, relaxation is one technique among many. Relaxation is a vital component of recovery, but sometimes further techniques are also needed in order to completely overcome symptoms.

What Will Relaxation Accomplish?

Relaxation will result in decreased blood pressure, muscle tension, and stress hormones. It will improve sleep, enhance concentration, and overall result in improved health and wellbeing.

Often this will be enough to manage symptoms and achieve full recovery. In many situations, symptoms will be less severe but still present – and this is where further techniques (such as medical interventions, psychotherapy and self-help techniques) come in.

In answer to the question “is relaxation enough?” the answer is, no, relaxation alone is not enough. Relaxation is a piece of the puzzle in the journey to physical and mental wellness. Relaxation is like exercise, healthy eating, and other forms of self-care, and is an important part of staying well.

Healthy eating alone is not going to cure all illnesses – but it can cure some ailments and reduce the severity of others. Relaxation works the same way. Some ailments can be completely cured by using relaxation. Other forms of treatment will be more effective when used in combination with relaxation therapy.

Everyone would benefit from practicing relaxation regularly – it will improve health, decrease stress, reduce or eradicate symptoms, and enhance quality of life. Relaxation is enjoyable, too!

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