Music Relaxation: How to Use Music for Relaxation

Here are some tips for music relaxation or using music as part of your relaxation techniques.

– Using music for relaxation is different than playing background music or listening to music for entertainment. It is possible to play relaxing music for a background, but when using music specifically for a relaxation exercise, decide how much time you would like to devote to relaxation at that moment.

– It is possible to use music alone for relaxation, or combine music with a relaxation script. Some people prefer to relax without music. Others find that music can help them relax more easily. Experiment to find out what works best for you.

– When learning to relax, short sessions are best to start with (5 – 10 minutes). As you become skilled at relaxing, you may want to try longer sessions – some people enjoy relaxing for up to an hour.

– Music without distinct lyrics is usually best – instrumental music or chants, for example.

– Select a style that you find relaxing. Each individual will have unique preferences. Different styles of music will have different effects on your mood and energy level. For relaxation, select music that makes you feel calm and is not too distracting.

Music for relaxation ideally will be:

– non-distracting
– calming
– something that helps you feel peaceful
– music you like

Try this music relaxation script for an expressive media exercise to learn how different styles of music affect you.

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