Peaceful Meadow Relaxation Script

This guided visualization relaxation script will guide you to imagine relaxing in a peaceful meadow. Visualization is an effective relaxation technique that allows you to take a mental vacation to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and experience full body relaxation.

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Visualization Audio

Begin reading the relaxation script here:

Take a moment to relax your body. Get comfortable. Notice how your body feels, and make some slight adjustments to increase your comfort. Take a deep breath in. Hold it… and breathe out, releasing tension. 

Breathe in again, and as you exhale, allow your body to relax slightly. 

Continue to breathe slowly…deeply. 

As you visualize the following scene, let your body and mind become more and more relaxed with each moment. 

Imagine yourself walking outdoors. 

You are walking through the trees…small aspens, their leaves moving in a slight breeze. 

The sun shines down warmly. 

You walk toward a clearing in the trees. As you come closer to the clearing, you see that it is a meadow. 

You walk out of the trees, into the meadow. Tall green grass blows gently…

You are probably feeling a bit tired…

It would be so nice to sit down in the grass. 

Walk further into the meadow now…looking around…

Imagine the meadow in your mind’s eye…what does the meadow look like? 

Find a place to sit. You might want to sit or lie down in the grass…perhaps you have a blanket with you that you can unroll over the soft grass and lie down. 

Feel the breeze caress your skin as you sit or lie down in the sun. 

It is a pleasant day…warm, but not hot…quiet and peaceful. 

Notice the sights around you. The grass, whispering…see the mix of meadow grasses, clover, wildflowers around you. 

Watch a small ladybug climb a blade of grass. Climbing up toward the top, pausing for a moment, and then flying away. 

Imagine closing your eyes and listening to the sounds of the meadow. Hear birds singing…the breeze rustling the grass softly… 

Feel the sun on your face. Imagine turning your face up toward the sky, eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the sun. 

Smell the grass…the wildflowers…the smell of the sun on the earth…

Look around again to see the sights around you. Notice how the ground follows gentle contours of hills. See the blue sky above you…a few wispy clouds drifting slowly by. 

See the trees at the edge of the meadow. 

The meadow is lush and green, a haven for birds and animals. As you watch, a deer peers out through the trees, and emerges to graze at the edge of the meadow. 

The deer raises its head to look at you, sniffing the breeze, and then turns, disappearing silently into the trees. 

Rest and luxuriate in this peaceful, beautiful meadow. Notice the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Feel the soft grass beneath you, the sun and breeze on your skin. Imagine all the details of this place. 


Now it is time to leave the meadow and return to the present. Notice your surroundings. Feel the surface beneath you. Hear the sounds around you. Open your eyes to look around, re-orienting to the present. 

Take a moment to stretch your muscles and allow your body to reawaken. 

When you are ready, return to your usual activities, keeping with you a feeling of peace and calm.

Access the Peaceful Meadow audio download here.

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