Relaxation Basics: How to Relax

Question: How can I relax?

Answer: Here are some relaxation basics.

Relaxation is a skill. It is necessary to learn how to relax in order to become proficient at relaxing.

The basic steps in most relaxation techniques are:
– Find a comfortable position
– Breathe slowly and rhythmically
– Focus the mind

Relaxation techniques will guide you to relax the mind or the body (or both). When you relax either the mind or body, the other usually follows.

A variety of types of relaxation techniques are available, such as:
progressive muscle relaxation
visualization and guided imagery
– meditation
creative expression relaxation
passive progressive muscle relaxation
– active relaxation (such as stretching to relax)

It is important to try different relaxation techniques until you find the ones you are most comfortable with. As you practice, you will find that it becomes easier and easier to relax at will.

Try this Relaxation Quiz to find out which easy relaxation techniques might work for you from the following categories muscle relaxation, visualizaiton, creative, and sensory relaxation.

Relaxation Therapy: What is Relaxation and How it Works Relaxation therapy (using relaxation therapeutically) will help you to relieve stress, control anxiety symptoms, improve sleep, and have a better quality of life in general.

Relaxation Response If you need to relax quickly, try the fast and easy relaxation techniques on this page. The relaxation response is opposite to the body’s stress response. Relaxation is one of the best natural remedies for anxiety.

Relaxation Examples Relaxation examples for muscle relaxation, visualization, sensory, and creative expression relaxation techniques.

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