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Relaxation Scripts for Children

These relaxation scripts for children can be used to guide children, adolescents, or adults to relax using quick and easy relaxation techniques.

Please note that these kids relaxation scripts are intended to be used with the guidance of an adult. Ensure that a parent or guardian reviews these scripts and is available to supervise their use. Some of the scripts are more appropriate for older (school age) children, while others can be used with younger children. Please review the scripts to determine which ones are suitable for and understandable to your child. Relaxation is safe and effective for people of all ages, provided it is used wisely. Do not use these relaxation scripts if you need to be awake and alert, and only relax when it is safe to do so.

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Relaxation scripts for kids are much the same as relaxation for adults, relying on simple relaxation methods. These scripts are effective for those who are new in learning relaxation or for those who enjoy brief and simple relaxation techniques. They and can be used as a quick method of relaxation for kids or adults.

These free relaxation scripts can be used to learn to relax or record your own relaxation audio CD. Learn to relax or find your relaxation style with these scripts.

Here are some free relaxation scripts for kids:

Relaxation for Children Relaxation for children that guides children or adults to relax using simple breathing and progressive relaxation techniques. This script is intended to be used with the guidance of an adult.

Breathing Relaxation for Children This breathing relaxation for children is for anyone who is learning to relax. Both children and adults can use this breathing relaxation exercise as an easy relaxation technique.

Relaxation to Stop Being Afraid of the Dark This relaxation script is for children or adults who are afraid of the dark. It begins with visualization and calming phrases to bring comfort and relaxation, and ends with passive progressive muscle relaxation. Listen to this relaxation script before bed to fall asleep comfortably.

Guided Imagery for Writing an Exam This guided imagery script will allow you to visualize the process of studying for and writing an exam. Visualizing success will promote increased confidence, concentration, and memory. Relaxation can also improve the ability to learn by eliminating some of the anxiety that interferes with taking in new information.

Relaxation to Decrease Fidgeting This relaxation script will help you to decrease fidgeting with your hands. This exercise will allow you to reduce anxiety to create a feeling of calm and be still, even when faced with stress.

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