Morning Relaxation: Guided Energy Starter

This quick morning relaxation is a guided energy starter that will help you to become wide awake, energetic, and ready for the day ahead. You can listen to this audio at any time of day to help get your energy going.

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Begin the guided energy starter by taking some deep, energizing breaths.

Inhale deeply...and exhale slowly.

Breathe in...and out.

Breathe in again, breathing in energy...and exhale.

Keep breathing deeply, slowly, and calmly.

With each breath, you can take in the air your body needs, and become filled with energy. You can exhale any tension or fatigue you may be experiencing.

For the next few moments, focus on your breathing, and concentrate on breathing energy and positive feelings in, and breathing negative feelings out and away.


Continue the guided energy starter...become more energized with each breath you take. Waking up...becoming wide awake and energetic. Get ready to get up...and get moving...becoming alert and awake. Allow the energy to grow...encourage that energy...filled with energy...grow the energy...getting more and more energetic and alive.

Squeeze your hands into fists, and clench your fists tightly. Feel the muscles in your hands and arms...strong...tight...squeeze...and now release the fists, allowing your hands to be loose and relaxed.

Allow your hands and arms to become warm and awake. Close your hands into fists...and now open them. Close and open your hands a few more times, waking up the muscles of your hands and arms.

As you continue this guided energy starter, allow yourself to experience feelings of excitement and anticipation for the day ahead.

Allow the energy to flow through your body...completely waking up...filled with energy...

Rub your hands together...feel the friction generated by your hands rubbing electricity crackling...and increasing your energy. As you rub your hands together, it generates energy for your mind and body...leaving you feeling completely awake and alert.

Move your feet up and down at the ankles, flexing the muscles on the front of your legs as you move your toes up toward your shins...hold...and then point your toes, flexing the muscles on the back of your legs. Hold...and now move your feet up again...and down....up....and down....

Now move your feet quickly up and down...waking up your leg muscles...up...down...up...down...up...down...

Now hold your feet still and feel a tingly, energized sensation in the muscles of your legs.

Place your hands on your knees, and rub your hands up your legs, toward your hips...then back down toward your knees. Move your hands briskly along the muscles of your thighs, generating warmth and energy.

Then stop, and let your hands just rest in your lap. Feel the energy in the muscles of your legs.

Continue this guided energy starter as you become more awake, alert, and energized. Getting ready to go. Feel your body getting ready to move...continuing the guided energy starter...wanting to move...eager to get going...continuing the guided energy filled with energy and motivation...

Now continue the guided energy starter...get into a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands at your sides.

Breathe in as you reach your right arm up and stretch your right hand as high into the air as you can. Breathe out as you lower your right arm to your side.

Breathe in as you raise your left arm and reach as high up as you can with your left arm. Exhale as you lower your left arm to your side.

Now alternate with your arms, breathing in as you raise your right arm and out as you lower your right arm. Breathe in as you raise your left arm, and out as you lower your left arm.







Good. Now relax your arms at your sides and stand with your eyes closed for a moment.

Become aware of how your body feels. Turn your attention inward...just observing the state of your body. Feel your breathing as each breath moves in and out of your body. Feel the gentle movements your body makes as the air moves with each breath.

Notice that you can feel calm and relaxed, but energized at the same time.

You can encourage the energy within you to increase...becoming more and more energetic...more awake...more alert...ready to go...

Concentrate on a feeling deep inside the core of your body...a feeling of energy...of power...of motivation...excitement...

Focus intently on this feeling. You may notice it at the center of your body, near your stomach. Encourage this feeling to grow...getting bigger...and bigger...

See that the energy within can grow without any effort at all...the energy so easily and naturally grows...until you feel filled with buzzing, electric energy...

So eager to move...movement would feel effortless...

Your body feels so free...

Completely filled with energy from head to toe. Ready to move...ready to think...ready to do everything you need to do to fly through the day ahead.

Concentrate on this feeling and allow it to grow until it is so powerful, you feel unstoppable. It is a wonderful feeling to be so energized and comfortable.

Now you can proceed with your day, ready to take on the day ahead. Feeling energized, alert, calm, and powerful.

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