Relaxation to Stop Blushing

This relaxation script will help to stop blushing now and anytime for those who blush excessively. Blushing is a redness of the cheeks and face that can be caused by anxiety, stress, nervousness, exercise, or embarrassment.

Find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down.

You may want to close your eyes, or focus your gaze on one spot in the room.

Begin to relax by focusing on breathing.

Breathe slowly in…and slowly out…

In…and out…



Keep breathing slowly…comfortably…relaxing more and more with each breath. Allow each breath to calm and relax you.

Now you can relax your body all the way from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Start this relaxation to stop blushing exercise by focusing on the tips of your toes. Imagine a feeling of warmth beginning in the tips of your toes. Imagine what this warmth would feel like if it was to spread from your toes up to your feet, warming and relaxing your feet completely.

Allow your feet to become limp. They may even feel heavy…warm…heavy…and relaxed. Let this feeling of relaxation continue to your ankles…up to your lower legs…your knees…

Let your lower legs completely relax now. Allow the relaxation to continue…to your upper legs…all the way to your hips, letting your legs be completely limp and loose and relaxed. Heavy with relaxation.

Focus on the core of your body now…from your hips to your stomach and lower back…to your chest and upper back…your sides…all the way to your shoulders.

Feel your calm breathing…gently moving your stomach…chest…and sides…so relaxed and calm and pleasant…

Concentrate on the tips of your fingers. Imagine a feeling of warmth beginning in the tips of your fingers…spreading up your fingers and thumbs…to your hands…to your wrists…

Your hands may feel warm…and heavy…so warm and heavy with relaxation…limp…relaxed…filled with warmth and relaxation…

Allow this feeling of relaxation to spread to your lower arms…elbows…upper arms…shoulders…

Let your arms completely relax from your shoulders to your fingertips…so completely loose and limp…filled with warmth and relaxation…so heavy…so relaxed…

Allow your neck to relax…your face…your head…

Let your forehead become smooth, cool, and relaxed.

Feel your whole body relaxing…letting go…allow all the muscles to give up their hold…becoming totally limp…loose…and relaxed…

You may even feel like your body is sinking into the surface you are on…your arms and legs becoming heavier…so very heavy…sinking down…

Allow your hands to become warm…very warm…very heavy…very relaxed.

Allow your feet to become warm…heavy…relaxed…

Place your hands at your sides and allow your hands and arms to relax even more. Concentrate on your fingers. Imagine your fingers and thumbs becoming even warmer. Your hands may be starting to feel heavy…so heavy it might even feel like your hands are pulling down on your arms…pulling your shoulders down…it may feel like your hands are sinking into the surface beside you…such a pleasant, comfortable feeling of relaxation…

Concentrate on your toes. Imagine your toes warming up even more…spreading to warm your feet…your ankles….

Imagine a feeling of heaviness in your feet. Imagine that your feet are becoming larger and larger…warmer…heavier…more relaxed…

Your feet can become so relaxed that your legs relax as well…so warm and heavy and relaxed….

Your whole body can relax deeply because there is nothing you need to do…besides a feeling of relaxation…and nowhere to be…except relaxing…the only thing you need to do and be is to relax deeply and comfortably and to drift just to drift and relax happily…enjoying a relaxed feeling that is so easy to create and so natural that you may even begin thinking about relaxing even more. And this may even begin to occur right now as you notice that you are relaxing. And soon you may notice that you are becoming deeply relaxed. And this might start now and it might start a moment from now or it might have already begun. And you may just feel as if you want to relax now…or you may decide to just drift pleasantly and not even think about relaxing…you may not even decide to relax now or later but you just find that it is so comfortable and pleasant to just be right here in this moment now and so relaxed.


Allow a feeling of coolness to begin on your forehead. Imagine that a block of ice is close to your skin…so close the ice is almost touching your face…but not quite…

Imagine the feeling of cool air swirling between the ice and your skin. You may even feel your forehead cooling…cooling…becoming so cool and relaxed…

Now picture icy cold lotion…calming, cooling lotion. Imagine spreading a drop of this cold lotion across your forehead…completely cooling and relaxing your forehead…leaving only a feeling of relaxation and cool…

Spread the nice, cold lotion across your cheeks. Let the lotion cool and relax your cheeks. So pleasant and relaxed. Imagine that the block of ice is next to your left cheek…the tiniest space is between the ice and your cheek…feel the cool air coming off the ice…cooling your left cheek…so pleasant…so relaxed.

Imagine that the block of ice is next to your right cheek…very close to your skin…cool air coming off the ice…cooling your right cheek…so relaxing…so cool and calm.

Now allow a feeling of coolness to grow…cooling and relaxing your entire face…so pleasant and cool.


The coolness in your face will stop blushing instantly. As soon as your face is cool, you stop blushing, all redness disappears, leaving your face its natural colour and feeling pleasant and relaxed.

Whenever you want to stop blushing in the future, you can stop blushing; you stop blushing instantly and you stop blushing easily. You can stop blushing any time you want to. It is easy to stop blushing. So easy and simple to stop blushing. You stop blushing before it even starts.

Allow your relaxation to deepen now by counting. Start at 100, and count backward by sevens. 100…93…86…continue counting backward by sevens on your own now until I say stop…becoming more and more relaxed with each number…more and more relaxed…


Now stop counting, and start at 5, counting up by sevens…5…12…19…continue now on your own, counting up by sevens, becoming more relaxed with each number…


Good. Now you can stop counting and simply drift…

Feel your mind relaxing into the stillness of no longer having to count or focus but just relax…it is such a pleasant, comfortable feeling.


Now as you relax…so deeply and pleasantly relaxed, you can relax any time you want to, now and in the future.

The slightest feeling of warmth in your face causes you to relax.

Thinking about blushing causes your face to become cool.

In a moment, I am going to ask you to gently scratch your chin. This motion of scratching your chin is your private signal to relax. Scratching your chin is your anchor. Each and every time you scratch your chin, you relax instantly and deeply, while remaining alert and awake.

Each and every time you scratch your chin, your entire face becomes instantly cool.

Every time you scratch your chin, your hands and feet become very warm and relaxed.

Scratching your chin doubles your relaxation, causing you to relax twice as quickly and twice as deeply as the previous time.

So go ahead now, please, and scratch your chin, doubling your relaxation and comfort, causing your entire face to become cool, and causing your hands and feet to become warm and relaxed.

Relaxation feels wonderful.

Every time you scratch your chin, you do relax, instantly and deeply. Scratching your chin causes your face to become instantly cool and your hands and feet to be relaxed and warm.

It feels so good to relax.

Now please scratch your chin again, and notice that you become twice as relaxed, your face becomes twice as cool and comfortable, and your hands and feet become twice as warm and relaxed…doubling your relaxation from head to toe as soon as your fingers contact your chin.

You can scratch your chin any time to instantly relax. Each and every time you scratch your chin, you relax, your face becomes cool, and your hands and feet become warm, whether you scratch your chin today, or tomorrow, or next week, or years from now.

Any time you want to stop blushing, you scratch your chin and find that your face is instantly cool and without any redness whatsoever.

Thinking about blushing causes you to relax.

The slightest worry about blushing causes your face to become cool and to be completely absent of any redness.

You can relax any time and in any place, and be completely calm and comfortable while remaining alert and awake.


Take a few moments now to just enjoy feeling relaxed.



Now it’s time to reawaken your mind and body. In a moment I will count to three, and when you hear the number three it causes you to open your eyes and feel alert, awake, and wonderful.




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