Quick Relaxation Audio Downloads

Do you need to relax fast? Quick relaxation audio downloads allow you to relax quickly, any time and any place. These are short, targeted relaxation exercises that can rapidly help with anxiety symptom relief, reduce problematic symptoms of stress, or relax if you only have a few minutes.

Quick relaxation MP3 and video scripts to help you relax quickly, get through a panic attack fast, and decrease symptoms of stress can be played directly in your internet browser for your convenience.

Audio may be played below for free. Quick relaxation downloads may also be purchased for $3 each and downloaded to your computer by clicking “add to cart.” If you want to add additional relaxation MP3s to your cart, click the “x” to close the shopping cart and return to this page. Select “add to cart” for the additional title (s) you want to purchase. When you are ready to check out, select “view cart” and press “checkout” to proceed.

Quick Relaxation Audio MP3s and Videos

Yawn and Stretch

Yawning is an easy way to quickly induce the relaxation response. This brief relaxation script guides you to relax your body quickly by yawning and stretching.

Quick Relaxation: Deep Breathing

This relaxation audio explains why and how to use counting to slow your breathing.

30-Second Quick Relaxation

This quick relaxation script will describe how to relax even though you are busy. After a short intro, the relaxation takes only 30 seconds.

Quick and Easy Relaxation

This quick and easy relaxation is a method that you can use every day, at any time, to decrease the tension in your body and counteract the effects of stress.

Here are a few tips for relaxing quickly with these downloads. First, take a moment to relax. Even if you only have a minute, turn your attention inward and focus on taking care of yourself.

Ideally, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, but if that is not possible, you can still relax. You can do these exercises at your desk at work, in the kitchen, in the garage, in the car (NOT while you are driving), or anywhere that you happen to be. Just make sure you can take a moment to relax and that you do not need to be alert or focused on anything else for the short time that you will be relaxing.

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