In the middle of a restaurant

I was on a date with my boyfriend, it was our first anniversary. It was a fancy place. We were seated outside as we wanted to smoke. Wasn't exactly thinking of anything in particular and suddenly it was like my body forgot how to breathe. I couldn't take a breath and my body and face started sweating. My boyfriend took me inside but I couldn't walk, I had jello legs. Then the room started spinning and my vision blurred. I still couldn't breathe. I really thought I was gonna die. Then my hands started to go numb. Zero sensation. I couldn't move my fingers at all, like they were paralysed. It went on like that for a few minutes, people were staring and the restaurant staff came by to see if I was okay. Then the intensity gradually decreased until I could feel my hands again. It was one of the scariest thing I've ever felt. Since then I have milder anxiety and panic attack every now and then. What really sucks is I feel like I no control whatsoever over my body. To top it off, I am currently on treatment for depression and anxiety. :(

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