Creative Relaxation Scripts

Creative relaxation scripts allow you to relax using creative outlets – art, music, movement, or other forms of self-expression.

Creativity can be relaxing. Being creative is not a relaxation exercise unless it is done mindfully and with purpose. It is necessary to reflect and observe in order to bring about the relaxation response.

These creative expression relaxation scripts guide you through a few specific exercises so that you can learn the process for using creative and expressive activities to relax.

You do not need to be artistic or good at art to do these activities. The point of these relaxation exercises is relaxation and to enjoy the experience. The end product is not the goal. Selecting crayons or finger paint for drawing activities can help overcome perfectionist tendencies because it is harder to be precise with these tools. You may even want to try drawing with your eyes closed in order to make it even harder to behave in a perfectionist way and judge your art. The scripts below will also help provide instructions for how to do the exercises in a relaxing way instead of being hard on yourself.

These types of exercises are effective for use at home, and also for therapy groups, rehabilitation, occupational therapy sessions, and stress management classes.

Try These Creative Relaxation Scripts

Creative Expression Relaxation
This script guides you to use drawing to calm the mind. You will create two abstract drawings, one on each side of a piece of blank paper.

Music Relaxation
The purpose of this music relaxation script is to find out how different styles of music affect your mood and energy level. This is an expressive media exercise (using media for self expression).

Music Imagery
This music imagery story was written by Diana. It is a mystical story that uses pretty words and music to help to get rid of phobias, specifically, the fear of needles.

Autism Relaxation to Decrease Stimming
This autism relaxation script is for helping to decrease stimming. Stims are repetitive behaviours that stimulate the senses, and are used to regulate one’s level of sensory arousal.

Timed Stim Breaks
This timed stim breaks script will guide you to use stimming for three minutes, then do other behaviours for three minutes. You can use this exercise for “stim breaks” you can schedule through the day.

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