Relaxation to Cure Insomnia

Fall asleep quickly and easily with calming guided relaxation. Relaxation to Cure Insomnia is an audio CD that can help you sleep, whether you like to fall asleep using relaxing words and music just for enjoyment, or if you need to use relaxation to overcome insomnia and sleep problems.

The beautiful words, music, and imagery in this Relaxation to Cure Insomnia CD can help anyone fall asleep quickly and easily, and to have peaceful, pleasant sleep.

Description: Fall asleep quickly and easily with calming guided relaxation.

These scripts specifically target and eliminate insomnia, including difficulty falling asleep, worrying about falling asleep, problems getting back to sleep in the middle of the night, and nightmares.

Learn how to calm the mind and relax the body to overcome insomnia and achieve deep, restful sleep. Calm music, peaceful imagery, and a soothing voice guide you to drift off easily and naturally. You will want to stay awake to hear the beautiful stories and imagery, but you won’t be able to resist falling asleep.

This Relaxation to Cure Insomnia CD is a natural insomnia cure that will help you achieve deep, restful sleep.

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Relaxation to Cure Insomnia Track Listing

Track 1: Get Back to Sleep (15:07)
Getting back to sleep is easy with this relaxing audio to help you calm your thoughts and return your body to a sleepy, restful state. Use this relaxation to fall asleep quickly and easily when you go to bed, or to go back to sleep after you wake up in the night.
Music Piece Titles by Kevin MacLeod: Touching Moments Five – Circle 1, Evening Fall Harp Hi, Comfortable Mystery, FairyTale Waltz, Evening Fall Piano Hi

Track 2: Get Rid of Nightmares (15:27)
Guided imagery and visualization help return your mind to a peaceful sleep free of fear after experiencing a nightmare. This relaxation audio can also help to prevent nightmares and allow you achieve deep sleep with pleasant dreams.
Music Piece Titles by Kevin MacLeod: Silver Blue Light, Winter Reflections, and music composed in Soundtrack with Apple loops.

Track 3: Relaxation for Taking a Nap (40:37)

This relaxation features peaceful imagery for calming the mind and falling asleep. Slow-paced, dream-like stories and images can help you to get restful sleep whether you are sleeping through the night or taking a short nap. Helpful for working night shifts, trying to sleep during the day, or sleeping for a short time. Excellent for those who worry about trying to fall asleep.
Music Piece Titles by Kevin MacLeod: With the Sea, Almost in F, Tranquility, Parisian

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