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Sensory relaxation audio involves the use of the senses (vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell) to bring about relaxation. This may involve imagining or experiencing different sensations.

Relaxation audio and video scripts can be played directly in your internet browser for your convenience. To save relaxation audio to your computer, visit the Members Only Relaxation Downloads page, or click "add to cart" to purchase.

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Please Note:

Use relaxation audio and videos wisely. Do not watch or listen to relaxation materials while you need to be fully awake and alert (for example, when driving). Obviously this can be dangerous. Please use relaxation sessions only when safe to do so.


Here are some scripts that involve Sensory Relaxation components:

Calming Color Relaxation Visualization This calming color relaxation script allows you to relax with visualization by imagining each color of the rainbow.

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Floating on a Cloud This relaxation script is a calming visualization that will guide you to imagine floating on a cloud.

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Autogenic Relaxation This Autogenic Relaxation guides you to relax each part of your body by imagining that it is warm and heavy. Visualization is used to picture various pleasant sources of warmth.

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Music Relaxation The purpose of this music relaxation script is to find out how different styles of music affect your mood and energy level. This is an expressive media exercise, that is, using media for self expression. Nine different audio clips will be played with instructions for using your chosen media to respond to each music style, followed by a discussion about how different music styles affect you. Visit the Members Only area to listen to this creative relaxation audio download.

Stretch and Relax This stretch and relax script will guide you to relax your body by stretching out key areas to decrease the tension in your muscles.

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More Sensory Relaxation audio downloads

Sensory Relaxation This sensory relaxation script will guide you to imagine a variety of sensations to help focus the mind and promote relaxation. This journey through the senses will include sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and movement.
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Emotional Awareness Relaxation This emotional awareness relaxation is a sensory relaxation process that can allow you to become more aware of feelings based on the sensory experience of an emotion.
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