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This page lists all the categories of free relaxation downloads that you can play directly from your web browser. Audio and video downloads on these pages can be played for free, and several are also available to purchase.

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The relaxation downloads on this page may be played for your personal use. It is also fine to use the downloads for non-commercial educational purposes; for example, you may play the audio or videos in a classroom setting.


Please Note:

Use relaxation audio and videos wisely. Do not watch or listen to relaxation materials while you need to be fully awake and alert (for example, when driving). Obviously this can be dangerous. Please use relaxation sessions only when safe to do so.


A Variety of Relaxation Styles

These downloads cover a variety of different styles of relaxation. Learn to relax or find your relaxation style with these relaxation audio recordings:

- Relaxation to Relieve Anxiety
- Passive Progressive Muscle Relaxation
- Quick Relaxation: Deep Breathing
- Sleep Relaxation
- 30-Second Quick Relaxation
- Autogenic Relaxation
- Calming Color Relaxation Visualization
- Floating on a Cloud
- Relaxation for Children


Visualization is the process by which you relax by picturing a relaxing scene, place, or image.

Guided imagery

The guided imagery scripts provided here allow you to relax and make positive changes. Guided Imagery can be used to visualize positive actions, changes, or accomplishments.

Relaxation for Anxiety Relief

Relaxation specifically targeted at reducing anxiety in the moment by calming the mind and body.

Guided Meditation

Relax by focusing the mind. Use these guided meditations to calm the mind and relax the body and/or to achieve health, healing, or the ability to quickly relax.

Physical and Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques

A variety of physical relaxation exercises, whether by focusing on a specific muscle group, tensing and relaxing muscle groups, moving or stretching. 

Creative Expression

Relax using creative outlets - art, music, movement, or other forms of self-expression.

Quick Relaxation

In a hurry? Try these strategies to relax quickly, any time and any place.

Sleep Relaxation

Relaxation audio scripts specifically aimed to help you quickly and easily fall asleep.


Relaxation techniques that involve imagining your limbs are warm and heavy, breathing is slow and regular, etc.

Sensory Relaxation

Sensory relaxation involves the use of the senses (vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell) to bring about relaxation. This may involve imagining or experiencing different sensations.

Relaxation for Children

These kids relaxation audio downloads are free scripts for children that can be used to guide children or adults to relax using quick and easy relaxation techniques.

All Relaxation Scripts and Downloads

Not sure where to find the download you are looking for? You can search this site or see a complete list of relaxation scripts on the site map.

Beach Visualization Relaxation Video

This free visualization relaxation video and audio guide you to relax by imagining spending time on a beautiful beach.

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