Relax for Awhile: Relaxation CDs and Downloads by Joanne D’Amico

Relax for Awhile with these lovely relaxation audio CDs and downloads by Joanne D’Amico.

Joanne offers relaxation training and holistic therapies for the whole person – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Joanne D
Joanne D
Joanne D
Chronic stress can take a toll on one’s health and well-being. This guided relaxation session presents four wonderful relaxation techniques that can help relax the body, calm the mind and nourish the spirit!

Time to Relax features four guided relaxation techniques that will help relax your body and quiet your mind.  Allow the gentle guidance of Joanne D’Amico’s voice help you escape into a realm of deep relaxation.

Allow waves of relaxation to comfort you as you listen to this guided relaxation session. This female’s soothing voice along with the gentle background music provide the ideal backdrop for perfect relaxation.

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