Protective Light Visualization Relaxation Script

This protective light visualization relaxation script will guide you to relax in the comfort of imagining being surrounded by light.

Get comfortable, finding a relaxed position, and let your body begin to relax.

Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let the tension start to leave your body. Take slow, calm breaths.

Mentally scan your body, taking note of how your body feels. Focus in on the areas where tension is stored, and concentrate on relaxing those areas.

Feel your body becoming more relaxed….. slowly releasing tension….. letting go of stress….

You will probably notice that you are relaxing more and more…. and you will continue to become even more relaxed as you begin to visualize a protective light.

Imagine that there is a protective light shining around your body… almost as if you are glowing. This light can keep you safe right now from stress, tension, worries, and other problems that have seemed to attack you.

Picture in your mind being surrounded by light. Feel how relaxed, calm, and secure you feel as this protective light surrounds you.

The light is like a shield, deflecting anything that is not good. It is like a spiritual armour that can protect you and help you to feel calm and relaxed.

Imagine being surrounded by protective light…. from your head to your feet…..

Focus your attention on your feet…. feeling how relaxed and maybe even tingly your feet feel. Notice that your feet are surrounded by protective light….. as are your ankles…. let your ankles be loose and relaxed.

Feel your lower legs relaxing, surrounded by light….. soft…. heavy….. relaxed. Your upper legs are relaxed and surrounded by light too….. very warm and relaxed.

Turn your attention now to your hands….. feel the relaxation there as your hands become very relaxed…. limp….. heavy…… along with yoru wrists, lower arms…. and upper arms…. all surrounded and protected, shielded by protective light.

Feel the relaxation in the core of your body… starting at your stomach… and flowing outward…. feel the relaxation flowing from the center of your body, out to your back…. chest….. hips….. feel the relaxation filling your body. Notice that your body is enclosed in a shield of light as well.

Allow the relaxation to continue to flow through your body, upward to your neck and shoulders…. all the way to the top of your head. Feel your face relaxing…. limp and relaxed…. calm…. and feel the protective light surrounding your head and face, your whole body….

You are surrounded from head to toe in protective light…. shielded from any worries or troubles.

Relax…. basking in protective light.


Notice that there might still be some areas of tension in your body…. some worries remaining in your mind. You might even be able to picture these areas of tension as dark. See the dark tension being drawn out of your body by the protective light. Feel the worries and stress leaving your body and mind as they are leaving your body.

The protective light is like a magnet, drawing out the dark tension, out of your body and away… once the tension has left your body it is repelled by the light, which works as a shield, protecting you from anything that is not good.

The light also works as a magnet for good, peaceful thoughts…. attracting relaxation to you.

Feel the protective light drawing away tension, and bringing forth relaxation….. shielding and protecting you, while helping you to feel even more relaxed.

Enjoy this feeling of being safe and protected by your spiritual shield of protective light.


You are so calm….. so relaxed…. peaceful…. relaxed.


Now it is time to return to your day. Remember that you can imagine this protective light again, any time you need to, and can repel stress and tension and feel calm and relaxed.

Focus again on your breathing…. taking a deep breath in….. and out….

Now turn your attention to your body reawakening. Gently move your body a little, feeling your muscles waking up. Stretch a bit if you like.

Allow your mind to become fully awake and alert, while still feeling relaxed.

When you are ready, open your eyes…. fully awake, energized and calm.

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