About Inner Health Studio

This page is about Inner Health Studio, including the mission, vision, history, products and services provided.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Inner Health Studio is to become a trusted resource in Red Deer and online by providing products and services to help clients manage stress, improve coping skills, have a better quality of life, and improve their inner health.

The Inner Health Studio vision is to become a premier online relaxation resource and to offer online relaxation classes for individuals and for facilitators.


Inner Health Studio is a relaxation and stress management products and services sole proprietorship, owned by Candi Raudebaugh. Inner Health Studio officially began operations on August 8, 2008. Candi Raudebaugh is an occupational therapist specializing in mental health and relaxation.

Products and Services

Inner Health Studio currently produces a variety of complementary relaxation tools and information about relaxation techniques. Several items are also available for purchase, including relaxation downloads, a book, and CDs.

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