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Inner Health Studio is all about coping skills and relaxation resources. Here you will find a variety of relaxation scripts and easy relaxation techniques that can help you learn to relax, understand and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress, and improve your overall health by coping with stress more effectively. Quickly relieve stress with free relaxation scripts, audio and video downloads, mental health worksheets, and self-help techniques.

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Relaxation is a simple, but very important activity you can do to improve your health and well-being, relax your body and calm your mind. The easy relaxation techniques featured here focus on ways to decrease the symptoms of stress, manage anxiety, and improve sleep. Progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, guided imagery and deep breathing are some of the relaxation strategies you can learn about and practice using the relaxation downloads and relaxation scripts you will find here.

The resources available here at Inner Health Studio can also be useful for professionals working with clients on stress management, coping skills, chronic pain, anxiety, panic, phobias, insomnia, and other physical and mental health challenges. Check out the terms and conditions page for more information on acceptable ways you can use the materials here personally and professionally.

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In addition to the free newsletter, a variety of relaxation products are available including a book, relaxation CDs, and a podcast. The relaxation products page has all the details about items you can purchase and access for free.

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To get started, choose one of the topics on the left side of this page. If you are not sure where to find what you are looking for, begin with the site map where you can search for the relaxation scripts or resources that meet your needs, or check out what's new at Inner Health Studio.

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Learn to Relax: Take the Learn to Relax class, and receive 12 free relaxation MP3 downloads with your registration. Step by step instructions teach you how to relax whenever you want to.

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Books and CDs
by Candi Raudebaugh

Relaxation to Cure Insomnia

Relaxation to Cure Insomnia CD

Fall asleep quickly and easily with calming guided relaxation. These scripts specifically target and eliminate difficulty falling asleep, worrying about falling asleep, problems getting back to sleep in the middle of the night, and nightmares. More details...

Guided Relaxation Scripts

Guided Relaxation Scripts CD

Relax and enjoy these calming guided relaxation scripts. Experience variety of relaxation techniques including progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, guided imagery, autogenics, and meditation. More details...

Words to Relax: Relaxation Scripts for Personal Growth and Stress Relief

Words to Relax: Relaxation Scripts for Personal Growth and Stress Relief

Words to Relax is an instructional book on how to relax, and includes more than 60 relaxation scripts anyone can use to decrease blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, and feel calm at will. More details...

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