Worst three hours of my life

by Daniel p

I'm 21 years old and have never experienced anything so awful in my life. I was recovering from a night of over drinking, as I tend to do. That probably had something to do with it. So, I'm just sitting at home on the internet reading tips, and whatnot, about joining the navy. That turned into reading about tips to quit drinking. After that I picked up the book I'm reading 'inferno' and probably got through a couple of pages before I notice my heart is pounding. I think this is kind of weird, but after trying to control my breathing turned into feeling like I was suffocating, I got worried. I started to feel light headed and my pounding heart started to hurt. I woke my dad up and told him I think I might be having a panic attack, and asked for a beer. He turned me down, but at that point I was starting to feel shooting pains all over, but particularly in my left arm. That seriously freaked me out. My hands started tingling and different parts I my body would go numb at random, my throat was the worst considering I already thought it was swelling closed. After fourty five minutes of this I asked if he would drive me to the hospital, just in case. I didn't even mention that while I was laying down with a cold towel on my head, I was staring at the ceiling and it was swirling and warping rediculously. To make an already long story short. We drive to the hospital, sat outside and waited. For two more hours the symptoms escalated and then slowly lessened. It came in kind of waves, which I suppose was one after another. Finally I asked to go home, I felt not alright, but better, still my heart hurt all night. For about three or four days afterwards I was extremely anxious and felt quite out of it. Thanks for reading. It still gives my anxiety to recall the details.

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