Worst Panic Attack: Re-living a Frightening Situation through Flashbacks

My worst panic attacks were in the aftermath of an accident. I saw a severe motorcycle crash that involved someone I care about. Of course, at the time I experienced panic symptoms.

What I didn't expect was after the accident, I would get the same symptoms and see flashes of the accident again. Sometimes it would be random. I would suddenly see the crash in my mind for no reason.

Other times, there would be a trigger - the sound of a motorcycle engine, seeing a motorcycle or a fast-moving vehicle - and I would get all the same panic symptoms again. Racing heart, rapid breathing, shaking...

After self-help, therapy, and the passage of time, the panic attacks eventually went away.

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Nov 06, 2015
Panic attack usually while driving
by: Anonymous

I'm 38 years old. My worst panic attack has happened several times. Today driving home from work it hit me out of nowhere. Feet tingling, legs shaking, breathing abnormally, so dizzy twice I literally thought I'm going to pass out right now driving. When I brake it's worse than pushing the gas. I shake so hard I have to pull over because I'm afraid my leg will shake off if the petal. Calf felt weird after. At every red light I put the car in park until I had to go again to try and lessen the shaking. Heart racing. Scared to death. Not sure how I made it into the garage. Thought I was going to have to leave my car and walk or have someone come get me. This happens far too often. Does anyone else have this happen?

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