Worst. Hangover. Ever.

by David

Went out last night and had a fantastic time, but drank way too much. Way, way too much. Woke up at about midday still feeling drunk. Was fine until about 6pm. And that's when the anxiety started. Started to panic about every weird sensation in my body, which, given the amount of wine that I had quaffed, were fairly numerous. Then, a series of panic attacks between then and now, each one seemingly worse than the last. This all culminated with me standing in the kitchen, holding a bowl of soup, literally rooted to the spot, too anxious to put it down, too anxious to walk back to the living room. It was hideous. Of course, writing it now, I realise how ridiculous it sounds but was utterly terrifying at the time. Writing this post has helped me calm down massively. I think I will try to put my anxiety into words in the future. That's a lesson learnt. Have I learnt the one about not drinking too much? Absolutely not!

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