Worst few days of my life

by Rachel

I went to work yesterday and out of nowhere I dissociated, everything felt like I dream and my hands and head felt heavy and every time I had a heart palpitation it would send a surge of pain and tingles through my arms legs and neck and I kept getting sharp pains in my chest and back and my stomach. I was so scared I left training to bawl in the locker rooms and call my mom telling her I needed to go the hospital so she had me talk to my supervisor (who has medical training) it was super embarrassing crying in front of her but she assured me I was just having a panic attack. I had two more that day and I had another really bad one today too and probably more soon to come. I'm still a little convinced there's something wrong with my heart but everything I've read seems to keep pointing to an anxiety attack. They keep coming out of nowhere and they're way more terrifying and painful than any anxiety attack I normally have. I really hope they stop coming soon or I'm going to have to quit my job

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