Worst feeling I've ever had

I've had anxiety since i was about 12. My first anxiety attack happened when i was sitting on the couch with my mom then i suddenly had trouble breathing and couldn't sleep. This happened once in a while then eventually stopped. I began having attacks again when i was about 15 but they got worse and this was when i began to smoke cigarettes as well. I would randomly feel like I was on drugs and that i was in a dream. I went to the doctor and had them do tests. Everything looked okay and I was told that i had anxiety. These attacks stopped until recently and I am now 18. I had one a few months ago when i was watching television and had trouble breathing again and couldn't swallow. A month later i was smoking weed with a friend and had a really bad attack and objects in the room began to grow and shrink. Earlier this morning i decided to take adderall, which has never triggered my anxiety in the past. I drank a ton of caffine and was puffing on my ecig all day because i have recently quit smoking. When i was at work i began to feel very nervous for no reason and began having trouble breathing. I didn't think much of it because it wasn't too bad at this time. I thought that it was over until i was in the car on my way to the casino with some friends and my arms began to tingle and my stomach began to feel as if there was an elastic band around it. My whole body became numb and i couldn't breathe and my heart began to beat very fast. My hands cramped up and i couldn't move or feel them. I thought that i was having a heart attack and my friend sitting next to me knew this was anxiety because her father has anxiety and gets attacks like this quite often. She calmed
Me down and got me some food and water and told me to take deep breaths which helped a lot. Hours later after I thought it was all over I woke up around 5 in the morning not being able to breathe and feel the tingling again in my arms and legs. I took deep breaths and walked around for a while which helped a lot. This was by far the worst attack i have ever had. I will NEVER abuse stimulants again after this experience.

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