Worst attack I've ever had

by Marley

Just wanted to start by saying I used to smoke weed everyday for about 3 years then one day I had a panic attack then hell started the next day I had another and got rushed to the hospital as it felt like I couldn't breathe and my face was going numb and the doctors said it was just a panic attack like it was nothing...

2.5 years later ever since I've had bad anxiety and panic attacks but never been back to the hospital I've got phobia's about going out of the house , in cars , being alone , it's just taking over my life... Today I had the worst attack of them all I was in the car with my brother and my dad when suddenly I starting getting breathlessness and starting rapid breathing then hypoventlating I was in a major panic with the dryest throat ever I took a deep breathe and swallowed it where my throat was so dry and got even more into a panic and could only breathe thou my nose then I realised we were over an hour away from home.. This lasted practically the whole way home finally we arrived I could feel it releasing me as I step out of the car I nearly fell over my legs were tingling so much and I could barely walk i hope no one has to go thou this as it the worst.. Thanks for reading 😜

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