Work meeting

by Laura

As I work for a school as a domestic, we all had to attend a standard work meeting where we would all have to sit and listen to the lecturer for an hour. I felt my throat tighten in the first 5 minutes of the meeting and felt I couldn't swallow. Then, I realised I was becoming very trembly and felt like I would choke on my own tounge. My thoughts were, 'I can't be here, I need to get out now!' I kept fidgeting and coughing, feeling so weak and dizzy, i alerted the team member next to me and said, 'I'm not feeling well I'm going to have to leave the room. Can you excuse me,' this is my life. It has been for nearly 12 years now. I get panic attacks where I feel trapped eg in the cinema, work meetings, waiting in a que, anywhere I can't just leave. I'm 32 and simply exhausted from panic attacks. I'm taking 50mg setraline but still suffering

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